4097 Cervical Collar-Premium

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4097 Cervical Collar-Premium


  • Triangular Support System: The design of bilateral points together with the front point forming a tri-point system, helps to firmly stabilize the angles of mandible and chin. Tri-point system relieves pain from injured area and improves wearing compliance.
  • Ergonomic Shoulder Curve: Ergonomic shoulder curve is distinctively engineered to enhance wearing comfort and reduce undesired pressure.
  • Easy-secured Strap: The easy-secured strap helps to adjust the size for a custom-fit and to secure the occiput at the same time.


  • Cervical instability
  • Cervical fracture
  • Cervical spine trauma or surgery
  • Cervical spinal stenosis
  • Cervical spondylolisthesis

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