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LabPad, My Handy Lab

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Since its establishment, Avalun focuses its efforts on developing the LabPad®, a connected Handy Lab designed to address the needs for multiparametric Near Patient Testing.

Based on a unique patented lensless optical technology, this smart system consists of a fully automated “miniaturized microscope” and a range of Tsmart® single use microcuvettes integrating innovative microfluidics. Once inserted into the device, the Tsmart® faces a CMOS sensor while being lit by different light sources. When capillary blood dissolves the Tsmart®’s embedded reagent, test specific biological phenomena are observed in real time and a dedicated image processing algorithm produces the result.

The LabPad® is a generic platform allowing measurements with the same device in the fields of :

  • Hemostasis, in particular with the PT/INR test (by blood dynamics imaging),
  • Biochemistry, in particular for blood glucose (by colorimetry),
  • Immunohematology, in particular for direct blood typing (by particle agglutination imaging),
  • Cytology (by microscopic image reconstruction),
  • Immunology, for measuring different biomarkers (by reading out of immunochromatographic tests).

Building on these unique features, Avalun’s objective is to provide “here and now” patients and healthcare professionals with the reliable biological parameters they need. While developing the LabPad®, a particular attention was paid to its functionalities and its ergonomy for a smooth integration within care processes. Two U&A studies have been carried out prior and while the development phase : the first one, including 50 patients and 130 healthcare professionals, was conducted in 2013 by Pierre Mendes France University (Grenoble, France) ; the second one, more specifically dedicated to the environment of the “connected patient”, was made by Sherbrooke University (Sherbrooke, Canada).

The first Tsmart® to be marketed allows coagulation measurement (PT/INR test). Additional tests are currently being designed, either by Avalun itself or by its partners. Indeed, Avalun intends to promote cooperation with in vitro diagnostics players willing to benefit from its technology.

The LabPad® versatility lies with its Tsmart® single use microcuvette which contains a lyophilized reagent specific to each test.

The Tsmart® microcuvette results from number of innovations benefitting in many ways to users, in particular :

Fully automated « plug and play »  behavior

Reduced blood volume of 3µL

Large zone for blood drop-off

Quick filling by capillarity

Easy handling with its 3D shape

Optimized preservation in individual pouch from boxes of 12, 24 or 48 units

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