Maserati GranTurismo

With the unveiling of the A6 1500 Gran Turismo at the 1947 Geneva Motor Show, the
Maserati Gran Turismo tradition started. It was the first road-going Maserati, with only 61
units made. It was designed by Pinin Farina. The motoring press praised the car's mechanical
features as well as its unique, cutting-edge design. The overhead-cam engine had a complex
valvetrain for the time, with rockers used to operate the valves and quick valve adjustments.
The tubular chassis, made of welded round section steel tubes, was light and sturdy.
Sport Skyhook damping is available on the GranTurismo Sport, which changes its settings to
the driving conditions (optional for GranTurismo MC). Each day is a day-to-day
configuration that yet has the vital dynamic participation that a Maserati is known for.
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