Maserati Levante
The Levante is a master of enormous energies that remain under perfect control, named after
the Mediterranean wind that may vary from calm to gale in just an instant.With the luxury
and elegance and not even the slightest compromise in the comfort of a distinguished grand
tourer, this car delivers exhilarating performance. The Levante epitomizes Maserati's lasting
and adventurous essence, and its SUV design adds another magnetic layer to a story that
spans more than a century.
You can fly effortlessly through any terrain. The Levante, whether equipped with a V6 or V8
engine, delivers everything you'd expect from a Maserati, from ferocious quickness to easy
long-distance smoothness.Whatever the weather, go the additional mile. The Q4 Intelligent
All-Wheel Drive System, which comes standard on all Levante trims and guarantees even
better handling in any weather, puts the power of the Levante in your hands. Furthermore,
Skyhook suspensions react to each unique shock, whereas active air suspensions provide the
necessary ground clearance for anything from off-roading to motorway driving.
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