1. Introduction

    1. The Abraa Terms (or Terms) describes the Terms and Conditions applicable to your use of the Abraa website which is identified as www.abraa.com (or the Site). This Agreement is entered into between you as the Supplier of the Site (the "Member") and Master Outlet ("Abraa / Abraa.com").
    2. The Supplier is any authorized and legal person (must be over the age of 18 years) agreeing to the terms of Master Outlet.
    3. By using Abraa’s Services you are agreeing to have read, understood and accepted the following Terms and Conditions.
    4. These Terms shall be an integral part of the agreement, signed by and between Abraa and the Supplier, within the validity of the internet law (covering intellectual property law, contractual law, privacy law and other cyberspace laws in place).
    5. Abraa, may amend these terms at any time, by posting the amended terms on Abraa.com. 
      The amended terms shall be effective immediately upon posting. These Terms of Use was last amended on 1st July, 2017. These terms may not otherwise be modified, except in writing by an authorized admin team member of Master Outlet.


  1. Using Information Provided on Abraa Website

    1. You will not attempt to harvest any images or screen names of e-mail addresses for any commercial use.
    2. You will not manipulate the Services so as to hide your identity or participation in Services on the Site (by using another person’s identity, changing headers, or otherwise modifying any other possible identifiers). 
    3. You will not send any bulk unsolicited advertising, promotional information, e-mail or other solicitation (including without limitation junk mail, spam, chain letters or pyramid schemes of any sort) to any person through the use of the services. If you violate any of the guidelines set forth above, or any other aspect of these Terms, Abraa reserves the right to suspend your rights to use the services without giving you any notice.
    4. You will not sell or trade confidential information of customers. 


  1. Abraa Membership Service

    1. Abraa will provide services, as subject to the Agreement (please refer to the Contract Agreement). 
    2. In signing the Listing Agreement, the customer acknowledges they have taken reasonable efforts to familiarize themselves with these Terms & Conditions in forming the agreement.


  1. Period of Contract

    1. The Minimum applicable term is for duration of a 12 month period.
    2. Upgrading during, and after the minimum period is possible; additional charges may apply. The additional charge will be prorated from the date at which upgrading is actually in effect by Abraa.
    3. Prior to the expiration of the minimum term, suppliers will be notified of their options for renewal.
    4. Upon expiry of the minimum term, the suppliers’ membership status will be altered into a Basic Membership automatically, until the renewal plan has been selected.
    5. In the case of where the customer upgrades the package, the minimum Term of Agreement will be restarted from the effective date of such renewal or upgrade.


  1. Free Listing (on a Basic Membership)

    1. Free Membership is only a limited period offer, and can be discontinued any time without any prior notice.
    2. The Basic Membership is intended to be treated as a Trial Membership.


  1. Registration Requirements

    1. A validation of a supplier’s business is a mandatory requirement prior to the completion of the registration process.  
    2. To access and use Abraa’s services as a Member, you will provide;
      1. A recent copy of the company trade license.
      2. Signed Contract Agreement on behalf of the Company.
    3. Minors below the age of 18 years are prohibited to register as a user of this website and are not allowed to transact or use the website.


  1. Conditions of Use

    1. The member is responsible for ensuring that online store access is limited to Authorized Personnel only.
    2. The signed Contract Agreement is Non-Transferrable.
    3. Images uploaded on abraa.com should not consist of any contact information (company and / or personal). This could lead to the listing of item being unapproved or removed. 
    4. As a condition of the Supplier’s use of the site and services, the user represents and warrants to Abraa, and shall not;
      1. Use information for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by these Terms of Service.
      2. Use the site or services in any manner that could damage, disable, and overburden the reputation of Abraa.
      3. Obtain or attempt to obtain any material / information through any means not intentionally made available, or provided for, through the site.
    5. The Supplier agrees to take all reasonable steps to make sure that misuse of the abraa.com site does not happen. Violation of these may trigger immediate suspension of the contract agreement.


  1. Charges and Payments

    1. The member agrees to pay the subscription fee within the time period specified on the Invoice issued by the dedicated sales agent.
    2. The cardholder must retain a copy of transaction records and Merchant policies and rules.
    3. If the shipment and delivery arrangements for the ordered products are CIF (Cost, Insurance & Freight), CNF (Cost, No Insurance, Freight) or FOB (Freight On Board) Abraa Secure Payment will release the payments to the Supplier as it arrives at the port intended. It is the responsibility of the port authorities to check and confirm the consignment at the time of arrival. *Please refer to the “Abraa Delivery and Shipping Policy” for further information.
    4. At the time of cancelation, no refunds or balance transfers are available.
    5. Abraa .com is not liable for the success or failure of payments by the buyer. If, the Abraa Secure Payment Systems is used by the buyer to pay for the goods, that payment will be released to the seller upon confirmation from the buyer, that goods have been received and are in good condition.


  1. Supplier Rights and Responsibilities

    1. The Supplier is responsible for all activities and contents, such as company information, store page banners and logos, products, descriptions and images that are added under their respective Member Store Page. The member must not transmit any viruses or any code of a destructive nature.
    2. Verbal or written abuse of any kind (including threats of abuse or retribution) to any Abraa buyers, employees, users or other stakeholders, will result in immediate suspension of account.


  1. General

    1. Any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with this website shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of UAE.
    2. United Arab of Emirates is our country of domicile.


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