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AJ-2008B Double Pump LCD Touch Screen Dialysis Machine

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AJ-2008B haemodialysis machine is applicable for chronic renal failure and other blood purification treatment.This device should be used in medical units.This device is specially designed, produced and sold for renal failure patients to receive haemodialysis, which is not allowed to be used for other purposes.


Size & Weight Size:380mm×400mm×1380mm(L*W*H)

Area: 500*520 mm


Power Supply AC220V, 50Hz / 60Hz,10A

Input power: 1500W

Back-up battery: 30 minutes (optional)

Water input pressure: 0.15 MPa   ~ 0.6 MPa, 21.75 P.S.I.~ 87 P.S.I.

Water input temperature:10℃~30℃

Working environment: temperature 10ºC ~ 30ºC at relative humidity of no more than 70%.


Dialysate temperature: preset range34.0℃~39.0℃

Dialysate flux: 300~800 ml/min

Dialysate concentration: 12.1 mS/cm ~ 16.0 mS/cm, ±0.1 mS/cm

Dialysate mixing ratio:can set variety ratio.

UF rate Flow range: 0 ml/h ~ 4000 ml/h

Resolution ratio: 1ml

Precision: ±30 ml/h

Extracorporeal Part

Venous pressure: -180 mmHg ~ +600 mmHg, ±10 mmHg

Arterial pressure : -380 mmHg ~ +400 mmHg, ±10 mmHg

TMP  pressure : -180 mmHg ~ +600 mmHg, ±20 mmHg

Blood pump flow range: 20 ml/min ~ 400 ml/min(diameter:Ф6 mm)

Spare pump flow range: 30 ml/min ~ 600 ml/min(diameter:Ф8 mm)

Resolution ratio: 1 ml

Precision: error range ±10ml or 10% of reading

Heparin Pump

Syringe size: 20, 30, 50 ml

Flow range: 0 ml/h ~ 10 ml/h

Resolution ratio: 0.1ml

Precision: ±5%


1.Hot decalcification :

Time: about 20 minutes

Temperature: 30~60℃, 500ml/min.

2.Chemical disinfection :

Time: about 45 minutes

Temperature: 30~40℃, 500ml/min.

  1. Heat disinfection :

Time: about 60 minutes

Temperature: >85℃, 300ml/min.

Storage Environment  Storage temperature should be between5℃~40℃, at relative humidity of no more than 80%.

Monitoring System

Dialysate temperature: preset range34.0℃~39.0℃, ±0.5℃

Blood leak detection: Photochromic

Alarm when erythrocyte specific volume is 0.32±0.02 or blood leak volume is equal or more than 1ml per liter of dialysate

Bubble detection: ultrasonic

Alarm when a single air bubble volume is more than 200µl at 200ml/min blood flow

Conductivity: acoustic-optic, ±0.5%



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