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BD550 Series High-performance Vector Control Inverters

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Brand Zhejiang New Folinn Electric
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Product Description

Product overview
The series of BD 550 high-performance inverter adopts the advanced Flux current vector control technology of Anchuan Motor, which  is equipped with various kinds of advanced applications such as speed control, torque compensation, slip frequency compensation, energy-saving control, revolving speed tracking and self-learning that can meet the demands of customers of different industries.
Product features
◆ Suitable for high-end situations such as high precision, quick response, high torque, large inertia, and potential load.
◆ Perfect self-learning function, and ultra-low speed  high starting torque. It can output 150% rated torque when the speed in closed loop vector control status is 0.
◆ Multifunctional input and output terminal function, and multifunctional analog input and output. And the serial communications function provides users with more convenience.
◆ Online monitoring function for many parameters. Complete fault diagnosis, warning function and protection function can ensure the maximum reliability of machine’s work.
◆ RS-485 communication interface is optional. And it completely support MODBUS communication protocol.
◆ Provided with protection function for many malfunction: overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, overheating, default phase and overload, etc.
◆ Provided with many warning functions for overload and parameter determination anomaly.
◆ Provided with function of automatically adjusting carrier frequency, so the operation is more stable and reliable.
◆ Provided with revolving speed tracking function and restart :that could realize shock-free smooth start to the rotating motor.
◆ Automatic voltage adjustment function that could effectively solve low frequency oscillation problem of high-power motor.
◆ Provided with non-stop function in cases of instant power down.
◆ 0.75~15kW internally installed brake unit. It just needs to add a brake resistor to implement fast stop.
◆ Self-learning function: completely solve the unsatisfactory problem of vector control and give full play to the performance of motor.
◆ V/F curve: 15 V/F curves, and user-defined V/F curves are available for users.
◆ PID proportion, integral control, derivative control: it can implement impulsators and other speed detectors ( be independent of load ) during speed control, and it can keep the same speed or run synchronously with other motors; flow transducers during flow control can be applied in flow occasion with a higher requirement of control accuracy; during pressure control, regard the estimated value of pressure detector as the feedback quantity to ensure the constant pressure; during temperature control, regard the estimated value of temperature detector as the feedback in order to change the speed of draught fan to reach the scheduled control requirement.
◆ DWELL (pause) function: the output frequency keeps constant within certain time during the acceleration and deceleration process, and then proceed the acceleration and deceleration motion again. In cases of load with large inertia, such as before hoisting machinery slings weight, the wirerope of lifting hook is generally in loose status. After presetting acceleration pause function, firstly, tensioning the wirerope before lifting; in cases of low environment temperature, the lubricating oil of some machines are easy to freeze, thus it’s required to run with a low speed for a short time, and then accelerate after the lubricating oil dilutes; for those electromagnetic braking motors with mechanical braking equipment, during the loosening process of magnetic brake, it’s required to run at a low frequency for the purpose of reducing the friction between braking rubber and braking club. Accelerate after the magnetic brake totally loosens.
◆ Low noise design: the output circuit utilizes bidirectional transistor with insulated base and PWM way of high carrier frequency sine wave, which greatly reduces the metallic sound of motors.
◆ Real-time monitoring function: it can monitor output frequency, output current, motor speed, output voltage, DC bus voltage, output power, output torque, I/O terminal status, running status, total run time, serial number of software, value of velocity misalignment, PID feedback value, status of failure occurrence, failure logging, and various data of multifunctional analog quantity output.

◆ Metal processing, numerical control machine tools, drawbenches and other machineries
◆ Boiler air blowers, induced draft fans, exhaust blowers underground coal mine
◆ Municipal engineering, energy conservation transformation of central air-conditioning
◆ Air compressors, cyclone clusters, air blowers, winchs, belt conveyors
◆ Circulating water pump, make-up pump, water injection pump, fuel delivery pump
◆ Papermaking equipment, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, textile industry ,etc.

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