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CFI ADL And ADH Series

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Warranty 1 Year

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Nikon had two distinct goals in mind when creating its CFI60 optical system for advanced biological research microscopes:

1. To dramatically improve optical performance.

2. To boost overall flexibility of the microscope as a system and increase the performance when various microscope attachments and accessories are used.

To achieve this end, Nikon created a completely new standard for its CFI60 objectives. By using a tube lens focal length of 200mm and objectives having a parfocal distance of 60mm with a larger diameter by using a thread size of 25mm, Nikon succeeded in realizing both higher NA and longer working distances than ever before.

In these revolutionary optics, both axial and lateral chromatic aberration have been corrected independently in the objective and the tube lens to produce flat images with excellent color reproduction, without the aid of other components. The 200mm tube lens creates a smaller angle between light rays passing through the center and those off axis.

This minimizes shifts between the two light rays when passing through the fluorescence filter cube and DIC prism, dramatically improving contrast during DIC and epi-fluorescence microscopy.

Nikon also designed objectives that curtail auto-fluorescence and flair to create greater contrast during epi-fluorescence observations.

With an array of innovative features, Nikon’s CFI60 optical system delivers top-notch performance, enabling their use in increasingly sophisticated biological research.

For more information visit: https://www.nikoninstruments.com/Product-Selectors/Objective-Selector

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