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Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC)

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Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) resin is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin by chlorination of a polymer material. Appearance is white or light yellow powder, tasteless, non-toxic.CPVC resin classification: CPVC According to PVC K value and chlorine content can be divided into different types of extrusion and injection molding two categories.CPVC Features:

1, the use of a wide temperature range. CPVC Vicat softening point of about 40 ℃ higher than the PVC, the hard products can be in the range of 40 ℃ -98 ℃ long-term use, is one of the few at higher temperatures and higher pressure in the long-term use of one of the polymers.

2, excellent mechanical properties. CPVC tensile strength than PVC increased by about 50% than the ABS resin, PP resin increased by about 1 times, especially close to 100 ℃, CPVC can still maintain a strong rigidity, can fully meet the equipment at this temperature and pipeline And other requirements.

3, good chemical resistance. CPVC is not only excellent in chemical resistance at room temperature, but also has good acid resistance, alkali resistance and chemical resistance at high temperature, far better than PVC and other resins, can replace traditional materials to resist erosion Substances.

4, excellent flame retardant. CPVC has excellent self-extinguishing flame retardant, limiting oxygen index of 60, with no flame dripping, limiting the flame and other characteristics.

5, low thermal conductivity. CPVC's low heat transfer coefficient, with CPVC heat-resistant pipe processing, heat loss, can be exempted from insulation.

6, from the impact of chlorine in the water. Polyolefin materials (such as PP, PE) encountered when the residual chlorine in water may be broken down, and CPVC will not be affected by chlorine in the water, will not crack and drip.

7, bacteria is not easy to breed. CPVC pipeline due to the impact of chlorine in the water, the smooth wall, bacteria are not easy to breed, not only will resist the erosion of all forms of bacteria, but also for general sterilization chemicals also have resistance.        

8, processing and PVC molding the same. CPVC products and PVC products processing the same way, is very simple and convenient.

CPVC main purpose

1, chemical temperature, corrosion-resistant pipes, fittings, valves, plates, sheets and chemical tower packing.CPVC excellent temperature and chemical resistance, making it at 95 ℃ under long-term conditions to withstand strong acid, alkali and salt corrosion, and can meet the mechanical strength of chemical equipment requirements, it was made into a variety of pipe fittings, valves, Plate and other applications in the chemical industry.   

2, hot and cold water supply and drainage pipesCPVC temperature, corrosion and not affected by the impact of chlorine in water, it was made into pipe fittings, used in industrial, mining, construction, hot springs and other industries in the hot water warm water transportation system. Its installation can be expanded socket bearing flexible sealing ring connection, bonding, welding and other means.   

3, there are strict fire requirements of the occasion with the materialCPVC excellent flame retardant, making the material into a strict fire requirements of plastic products of choice, including electrical and electronic products, packaging, construction and decoration, transportation facilities (including aviation) and other fields.

4, high pressure, high voltage power transmission cable protectionCPVC made of cable sheathing has excellent heat resistance, insulation and ease of laying of the cable. CPVC buried laying power tube has been widely used in developed countries abroad, China's some large and medium-sized cities in the transformation of the power grid is also used in the laying of buried power pipe CPVC.  

5, oil gathering and transportation of crude oil pipe

CPVC pipe thermal conductivity is only 1/200 of steel, crude oil in the gathering process of good insulation properties, can save a lot of energy, and CPVC pipe friction coefficient is small, under the same conditions, the flow of steel pipe at least 1.25 times, and Light weight, fast and easy installation. Its excellent chemical stability and temperature resistance coupled with the inherent resistance to wear plastic and non-scaling advantages, making it in the crude oil gathering and transportation in the show a clear advantage, and the service life of at least 8 times for the pipe . And then through the glass fiber (GF) winding wrapped deposited application, the use of pressure can reach 20-60MPa, can basically meet the low, medium and high pressure conditions, crude oil gathering and transportation.

6, coatings and adhesives: anti-corrosion coatings and for their own or with the PVC products, bonding.

7, used as a modifier of plastic: for other thermoplastic and thermosetting engineering plastics to improve its heat resistance, flame retardancy and other properties.

8, as a foam material: used as hot water pipes, steam pipes, insulation materials.

9, CPVC / PVC alloy: You can use injection, extrusion, calendering and pressing methods, manufacturing molds, trays, fan covers, electrical parts and housings, business machine casing, pipe, communications equipment and auto parts.

10, for man-made fibers. CPVC can do fishing nets, overalls, industrial filter cloth, do not burn parachute and submarine cable jacket.

11, other areas. Through the improvement of foreign production process to prepare a higher impact resistance, transparency, better CPVC, this transparent material can be used in cars, CDs, audio-visual products.

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