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Closing and Sealing Machine

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For the large variety of closure types used for the different products in the food, beverage and chemical industry INDEX-6® manufactures and supplies a wide range of closing machines, including:

Twist-Off cappers. For glass bottles and jars.
Our Twist-Off capping range includes automatic machines from the IND-Close 14 and IND-Close 12 series using disc-type or belt- type closing mechanism. We have different cap feeding mechanisms allowing us to offer solutions for capacity range of up to 18 000 bph. Our twist-off closing machines include features like vacuum creation through steam injection, motorized adjustment and electronic synchronization of speeds of the different modules. The IND-Close 12 system can work with both Twist-Off and Press-Twist caps. For low-capacity purposes we offer the semiautomatic IND-Close 16 which uses dry vacuum.

Screw cap cappers. Applying plastic pre-threaded screw cap on glass and plastic bottles.
For plastic screw caps we use our closing machines from the IND-Close 11 and IND-Close 22 series equipped with magnetic capping heads using hysteresis technology and a Pick & Place device. They allow for precise adjustment of the closing torque which guarantees a combination of secure closure and easy opening. Different number of closing heads are used for the different capacity requirements.

Click-cap cappers. For application of press-on (click) caps on plastic bottles.
For application of press-on caps on bottles or buckets INDEX-6® offers the closing machines from the IND-Close 11 and IND-Close 22 series equipped with a press-on closing head with grip end piece.

Pilfer-Proof cappers. For closing with aluminum R.O.P.P. caps
For the various types of pilfer-proof aluminum caps available on the market we offer our closing machines from the IND-Close 11PP and IND-Close 22 PP series. They use threading heads with independently adjustable rollers. Different number of closing heads is used depending on the capacity requirements.
The single headed IND-Close 11 PP can be manufactured in multi cap edition allowing it to handle both R.O.P.P. caps and T-plugs.

Corking machines. For application of natural and synthetic corks.
For closing with cork pugs the machines from the IND-Close 11 Cork and IND-Close 22 Cork series are a very good solution. They use single or multiple closing heads with a removable four-jaw cork-shrinking instrument. Features like cork dust cleaning and inert gas injection are available.

Servo drive cappers.
These machines are applied when the precise cap screwing torque adjustment needs to be combined with controllable degree of screwing. When cap orientation towards the container is required, the machines are completed with vision system and the necessary control software.

Special purpose machines.
For some non-standard closure needs we have designed and supply the closing system IND-Close 18. It comprises a device for application and sealing for an aluminum foil cap on the container throat and a subsequent closure device for press-on or screw caps.

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