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Column Bom System

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Product Description

MCB Serial Column-Bom Sytems are produced to meet the expectations of welding sector and challenge irregular environmental conditions.

Column-Bom systems are designed to make circular or longitudinal welding in independent or combination form with its suitably assembled automatic welding head on the workpiece, turner and/or positioner to provide required working conditions. Column-Bom systems helps to improve quality, reduce operaional time and operator fatigue, increase sensivity and continuous amount of welding per one operator.

Standart Features:
· 360 degrees rotative table (rotation can be locked manually)
· All vertical and horizontal springs were placed carefully to provide nonvibrant and proper movement
· Inverter driver may be assembled to provide various speeds for Bom horizontal movement and movement of column-bom system on the rail.
· Mechanic safety system was assembled against falling in vertical movement of Bom.
· Counterbalance system was assembled in vertical movement of Bom and this system was provided by using chain and gears with high resistance.
· Limit swtiches were used to end all movements and standart safety precautions were taken.
· Welding machine power unit was positioned at the most suitable place on the column-bom troller, can be changed on customer demand.

Optional Features :
·Column-Bom system may be stable or move on the rail.
· Welding place monitoring system.
· Dust collection unit in submerged welding.

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