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CPP NORMAL GRADE (Cast Polypropelene)

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CPP NORMAL GRADE (Cast Polypropelene)

Transparent; Co-extruded 3-layer film; Two-side heat sealable; One-side corona-treated


• Excellent clarity and gloss
• Excellent hot tack
• Treated surface is receptive to metallization process, inks, and adhesives.
• Excellent machinability on packaging lines
• Lamination and single ply applications
• Printing: flexo, rotogravure, surface printing.
• Direct food packaging (e.g., pasta, bakery, etc.).
• Jumbo packs (e.g. snack food, diapers, salt, sugar, etc.)
• Flower wrapping
• Board lamination

All films should be stored in a dry environment at a temperature under 30° C. If properly stored, the film will maintain consistent performance over a period of up to 6 months from the date of production and should be converted prior to this time. A prolonged period of storage may cause problems of thickness profile and blocking on account of the elastic memory of thermoplastic film. It is a fact that polypropylene films age with time and will exhibit deterioration in the wetting tension levels. For this reason it is recommended that film stocks are evaluated for ink adhesion prior to printing and if necessary retreated during conversion process to ensure optimal adhesion of inks and adhesives. It is also advisable to allow the film to reach room temperature at least 24 hours prior to use.

Our film fully meets the overall migration requirements and is therefore suitable for direct food contact.

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