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Dialogic 306-484-51 Digital Network Interface Board DNI610TEPE2HMP EBZXDNANGEMP

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Condition : Open packaging Warranty: 3 Months
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Condition Open packaging
Warranty 3 Months

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Dialogic DNI610TEPE2HMP Dual T1/E1 with G.168 echo cancellation, PCIe Half Length, Standard Height - Part Number  Related part Number :  306-484-52   Features    - Benefits Interface to PowerMedia HMP Allows host-based video, voice, speech, conference, fax, and IP transcoding to be accessible from the PSTN interface; can be configured in a wide range of densities, scalable in individual port increments   - Eight, four, two or one digital network interfaces Provides four different densities to support a cost-effective range of solutions.   - Software-selectable trunks configure DNI Boards for either T1 or E1 Reduces the total cost of ownership by increasing flexibility, reducing inventory, and simplifying the purchasing process and test effort   - Half length, standard height PCI Express form factor Permits the use of lower-cost rack-mount servers designed for small footprint peripherals  - Support for a wide range of PSTN protocols including SS7, ISDN and CAS signaling Allows a choice of PSTN protocols. Allows combined HMP media and signaling, including SS7 in conjunction with the Dialogic® DSI SS7 Protocol Stack   - Dialogic® Global Call Software Provides a consistent programming interface for call control utilized by boards with Dialogic® DM3 architecture and by PowerMedia HMP.   - Host streaming interface Enables a low-latency, 256-duplex channel interface to host-based media and IP networks


Mohd Hassan

2017-09-17 10:17:11

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