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Digital Lux tester 3423 Hioki

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Brand ADEX International
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Product Category: Measuring Instruments

Brand: HIOKI


Digital illuminance meter with a maximum display of 199,900 lx Features Capable of a broad range of measure- ments, from low light levels to strong light levels. Permits remote measurement with the sensor separated from the main unit. Equipped with display hold and backlight features. Simple operation. Includes analog output that can be used to record results. Analog output includes zero adjustment function. The 3423 is an easy-to-operate handheld unit that can measure a broad range of luminosities, from the low light provided by induction lighting up to a maximum intensity of 199,900 lx. This device is suited for a wide range of applications involving illumination equipment, lighting work, and facility management. Measures a broad range of luminosities with simple operation Using the display hold and backlight features, it is easy to take readings even in dark locations. Because the backlighting turns on only after the display is held, the backlighting has no effect on the measurements. When zero adjustment is performed for the display, it is performed for the analog outputs simultaneously. Human perception of brightness differs according to the wavelength of the light and also varies among individuals. As a result, the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) has established comparative standards for luminosity. Although ideally relative spectral response would be equal to these standards, the 3423 has excellent characteristics that are close to the comparative standards for luminosity. Specifications Temperature characteristics Humidity characteristics Characteristics regarding intermittent light Relative spectral response characteristics in the visible spectrum Receptor element Standards applying Operating temperature and humidity range Analog output Power supply Continuous operating time Dimensions and mass Accessories Deviation from value measured at 23˚C between - 10˚C and 40˚C: ±3% Deviation from value measured in an environment with a temperature and humidity of 23˚C and 45% to 75% RH when unit is left in an 85% to 95% RH environment for three hours and then is returned to the original environ-ment: ±3% Deviation in value when subjected to intermittent light for 1/2 cycle at a frequency of 100 Hz or 120 Hz : ±2% Deviation from spectral luminous efficiency : 8% or less Silicon photodiobe Safety: EN 61010 Pollution degree 2 EMC: EN 61326 -10˚C to 40˚C, 80% RH or less, with no condensation DC 200m V f.s. ± 2.5% f.s. (versus the display value) Rated supply voltage 1.5 VDC×2, two R6P manganese batteries or two LR6 alkaline batteries Approx. 25 hours 74mm (W) × 170mm (H) × 30mm (D) (excluding protruding parts), approximately 310 g (including batteries) Sensor cap, Carrying case 9376, R6P manganese battery × 2, Instruction manual Options Connecting cable 9436 2m (with case) Output cord 9094 By using the connecting cable 9436 (with case), it is possible to take measurements with the sensor separated from the main unit. (The connecting cable 9436 is sold separately.) relative luminous relative spectral responsivity wave length (nm) spectral luminous efficiency 3243 Display Display operation Measuring ranges Overflow indication Accuracy Angled incident light characteristics (deviation from cosine characteristics) Response characteristics in ultraviolet and infrared spectrums Fatigue characteristics LCD 3 1/2 Maximum:"1999" However, in the 20,000 lx range, the maximum is "19,990", and in the 200,000 lx range, the maximum is "199,900". Battery low ( ) display indicator EL backlight function 20, 200, and 2000 lx ranges :1-count step 20,000 lx range :10-count steps 200,000 lx range :100-count steps 20/200/2,000/20,000/200,000 lx Auto range / manual switching "OF" is displayed ± 4% rdg. ± 1 dgt. (23˚C ± 5˚C) Angle of 10˚: ±1% 30˚: ±2% 50˚: ±6% 60˚: ±7% 80˚: ±25% Response to ultraviolet and infrared radiation: less than 1% Change in value one minute and ten minutes after light strikes sensor: ±1% B Response time Auto range :5 seconds or less Manual range :2 seconds or less

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