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Direct Bilirubin (DBil) Assay Ki

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Direct Bilirubin (DBil) Assay Kitby Oxidizing Method
● Two liquid reagents, ready for use● Measurement range 0.6-340.0 μmol/L● The reagent can be stable for 12 months when stored at 2℃-8℃ and protected from light, and stable on-board for 30 days

Test results are traceable to manufacturer’s selected measurement procedure (Improved J-G method) to ensure the accuracy

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Code                            Specification Packaging
ECH0101004      R1 60ml×3 R2 45ml×1 917 bottle
ECH0103004      R1 50ml×4 R2 50ml×1 902/912 bottle
ECH0104004      R1 60ml×2 R2 15ml×2 Beckman bottle
ECH0105004      R1 40ml×2 R2 10ml×2 General bottle

※ This kit does not include the calibrator, please purchase the calibrator individually

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