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Disifin Med Surface Disinfectant Tablets - 25 Tablet Tub

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Brand Disifin
Condition New

Product Description

Medical & Dental Clinics  (Dental Impression Disinfection) 

Dental Practices

Whether in the dental practices or in dental laboratories, inadequate hygiene supports the growth of pathogenic germs, which can lead to serious infection to patients and staff. The most effective prevention is offered by a disinfectant, which can be handled safely and easily.

DISIFIN masters this task with spectacular effect, resulting in a safe and complete destruction of all microorganisms, and because of its unique Biocidal mode of action, there is no possibility for the microorganisms to create resistance.

The highest standards of hygiene are also required in the area of dental treatment and prophylaxis. Precisely here DISIFIN is proven to be a very strong disinfectant agent, which destroys microorganisms in a quick and reliable way, which also eliminates unpleasant odours. DISIFIN is safe to use on wood, metal and plastic and still effectively destroys persistent microorganisms, guaranteeing a reliable protection against infection, rinsing off clearly and leaving no residue

DISIFIN is even cold resistant and can be used between 4°C  -70°C, working just as efficiently at 10°C as it does at 20°C. Spay it. 

Areas of application:

DISIFIN disinfecting tablets for surface disinfection in the Dental industry, such as Dental Practices, Laboratories and Dental Impressions.

Med & Dental Surface Disinfectant Tablets 

Disifin med (Tub of 25 tablets) = 12.5 litres per Tub Container (if used in a 500ml spray bottle)

** Disifin med solution lasts up to 4-8 weeks in our UV Protected Spray Bottle**


Tested to EN Standards:  EN 1276 / EN 13713 / EN 14675 / EN1657

Areas of application

Disifin Med disinfecting tablets for surface disinfection in the Medical & Dental field, such as Surgeries, Labs, Nursing homes, Theatres, Waiting rooms. Effective and safe to use on Dental Lab Impressions. BAuA Reg: Nr.: N24812


Disifin is simple and safe to use, the tablet dissolves in water (warm) and immediately produces a ready to use, highly effective and long-lasting disinfectant solution, that lasts up to 4-8 weeks in our UV protected spray bottle.

For routine Surface Disinfection:

Add 1 tablet to 500 ml of warm water (0.5% solution / 5000 ppm) exposure time of 15 minutes

For standard Surface Disinfection use:

Add 1 tablet to 2.5 litres of warm water (0.1% solution 1000 ppm) exposure time of 60 minutes

If you need a quicker solution:

Add 2 tablets to 2.5 litres of warm water (2.0% solution 20,000 ppm) exposure time of 2 minutes

Recommended Dosage:

One Disifin tab dissolved in 500 ml of water produces a 0.5% disinfectant solution for routine disinfection. Alternatively, for faster disinfection, simply increase the concentration.

  • Please, refer to our Disifin Tabs exposure time document and SDS.
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