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Dosing and Filling Machine

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In order to offer the best solution for products with various behavior during filling we have developed know-how for many different dosing and filling methods. For foamy, dense, aroma-rich, highly alcoholic, microbiologically sensitive, ESL and particles containing products we have specialized in:

Electronic control dosing using weight sensors or flow meters For perfect accuracy and high capacity filling of a large variety of products
For specific products for which filling with no contact between the container and the filling valve is desirable we offer our experience synthesized in the weight fillers from the IND-Dose 49 RWT (WFS) series and the flowmetric fillers using Electro-magnetic Flow Meters or Coriolis Flow Meters from the IND-Dose 43 F (FFS) series. The lack of moving and sealing parts like springs, seals, pistons and others prevents breaking the flow structure. Typical application is for microbiologically sensitive products like milk, yoghurt drinks, juices, teas, cold filling of ketchup and others.
The lack of moving parts along the product tract of the weight fillers and the flowmetric fillers, as well as the possibility to disinfect them with chemical solutions or overheated steam is the necessary condition which makes us further develop this equipment to our Ultra Clean machine series in ESL30 and ESL60 editions, sold under the trade marks PRAGMATIC® and AssetClean™.
The dosing precision is measured in parts of percent and remains constant, amounting
maximum ±1 gram, for filling of various volumes from 0.25 to 3.0 liters which is a great advantage for high capacity filling machines.
The software used to control and optimize the processes of dosing and filling is developed entirely by the engineers of Index-6 and recognizes our many-year experience in the design and application of weight fillers and flowmetric fillers. Nowadays we have at our disposal a powerful software that optimizes the dosing processes, takes into account the impact of the mechanical construction of the concrete machine and provides for achieving very high capacities by machines with compact dimensions. Depending on the products and containers we can achieve filling speeds of up to 1200 ml/s.
The linear flowmetric machines with fully sinking nozzles from the IND-Dose 43F series are the perfect solution for filling of highly foamy products like clothe softeners, glass cleaning and dishwashing detergents.

Volumetric dosing and piston filling. For filling of dense products and foamy products.
A classic technology comprising a cylinder, a piston and a three-way valve. The cylinders are made from steel AISI 4571TT and have hard and mirror-polished internal surface. The piston seals correspond to FDA, 3-A and EU Machinery Directive requirements. The three-way valves are with conical design, making them self-aligning for operation at temperatures between 4°C and 95°C. Our range includes linear volumetric piston fillers with mechanical or pneumatic drive from the IND-Dose 41 and IND-Dose 42 series, as well as rotary volumetric piston fillers from the IND-Dose 48 RP series.

Level dosing and filling with low vacuum. For filling of liquid and homogenous products like water, wine, spirits, juices.
The machines from the IND-Dose 46 LV series use a special filling valve that seals the container throat, carries out de-aeration and fills the bottle with product. Moderate dry vacuum is used to allow faster filling and suck out air bubbles and foam.

Level dosing and filling with high vacuum. For filling of dense homogenous products in glass or metal containers or toppings/brine in already filled containers.
For such products we use IND-Dose 47HV with a special valve that seals the container and links it to group of high-vacuum tank, vacuum pump with water ring for high vacuum (up to -0.9 bar) and screw pump for returning of excessive product to the product tank. The result is excellent de-aeration of the container and rapid homogenous filling with product or topping.

Level dosing and filling with Overpressure.
The machines from the IND-Dose 46 PO series are applied for filling of highly foamy food and non-food products – juices; detergents; automobile cosmetics, etc. – in order to facilitate fast filling with foam removal. The IND-Dose 46 HPO edition (Hot Pressure Over) is particularly intended for hot filling of juices in PET and glass bottles. The special design and the double-channel filling valves allow to maintain the set temperature during the filling as well as perfect washing and sterilization of the machines.

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