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Brand DYNEX TECHNOLOGIES spol. s.r.o.
Condition New
Warranty YES

Product Description



Instrument features

  • Wide temperature range and high accuracy
  • Dry heating without water - easy handling and low service costs
  • Small instrument dimensions, compact design
  • Walk-away operation
  • Reliability and minimum maintenance
  • Large touch screen control for easy and comprehensible
  • DYNABLOT Heat is a small, compact and stand-alone instrument for automatic processing of hybridization tests. It offers precise temperature control within the range of 35 – 65ZC during the process with regard to accuracy, stability and uniformity.
  • Up to 30 strips can be processed in one run. The instrument is equipped with 3 independent holders for the disposable 10 well trays. This feature enables an economic handling of a smaller number of samples.
  • The reagents are dispensed into the tray by an 8-channel dispensing arm using a peristaltic pump. The channels are equipped with sensors monitoring the fluid sufficiency in the tubes during dispensing.
  • The reagents bottles are placed in an easily accessible drawer in the front of the instrument.
  • The drawer also contains 2 holders for heated reagent bottles that can be mixed by the magnetic stirrer. The holders are equipped with custom adapters for different types of reagent bottles. Measuring the temperature directly in the reagent enables the preparation time to be shortened before the protocol run.
  • The voluminous waste bottle contains sensors to protect against overflow and the aspiration system is monitored by the vacuum level sensor.
  • The rocking tray holders agitate reagents in the wells during incubation. The rocking speed and angle can be adjusted by the protocol parameters. The dispensing steps can be combined with rocking which enables the attainment of the procedure defined in the kit manual, which retains the same incubation time for each strip regardless of the number of processed samples.
  • The large colour display with touch screen enables easy and comprehensible instrument operation. The operation log files are recorded during the protocol run in order to archive the run conditions or errors.
  • The PC software Blot Editor enables assay creation and sends them to the instrument memory with 50 positions. A USB cable is used for instrument connection and the editor is easy to use and can create various types of assays with or without heated steps.
  • The instrument can be in the open platform for the users so that they can program any method on their own. The system can also be partially closed so that the user is not allowed to modify any of the pre-installed assays but the user can create his own assays as well. Or the platform can be fully closed so that the users are allowed to run the pre-installed assays only.

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