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Brand DYNEX TECHNOLOGIES spol. s.r.o.
Condition New
Warranty YES

Product Description



Instrument features

  • Make faster and easier blot testing
  • Walk-away operation reliability and minimal maintenance
  • Instrument proven by hundres of users
  • The instrument automates various types of immunoblot and westernblot assays. Due to the assay structure there is no need for operator intervention after sample dispensing.
  • The instrument can process up to 44 strips.
  • Powerful and flexible instrument software enables easy routine assay running, quick setup of new assays and much more.
  • The instrument’s memory> can store up to 20 assays, each with 14 steps.
  • Formation and editing of the assays is performed on a PC with a SW BlotEditor and transferred via USB connection to the instrument.
  • The firmware enables running standard immunoblot and western blot assays. Up to 3 conjugates can be used in one run.
  • TMoreover algorithm for avidity methods and possibility of precise timing of strips incubation have been implemented.
  • Controlling of the instrument is by a 6buttons keypad and a 80character LCD display. Display messages and 6 LEDs on the peristaltic pumps help the operator to prepare the instrument for assay start (names and volumes of reagents, priming etc.). The running of assay is monitored (actual step, remaining time to the end of each step and to the end of assay etc.).
  • Seven optional languages: English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Turkish and Czech).
  • The instrument is provided with 6 or 7 reagents peristaltic pumps located in its front for easy handling. The pumps are capable of running reversely. It enables the functions “Antidrop” (no drops at the end of tubing during dispensing) and “Reagents saving” (aspiration of dead volume back to reagent bottles after last dispensing).
  • A mixing of strip content during incubation is enabled by the rocking of the strip plate. Slow, medium or fast, rocking speeds can be selected.
  • A mixing of strip content during incubation is enabled by the rocking of the strip plate. Slow, medium or fast, rocking speeds can be selected.
  • Liquid media is aspirated by an integrated vacuum pump, that is conected to a waste bottle.
  • All reagent tubing can be replaced easily.
  • Compact instrument dimension, low weight and quiet running operation are friendly to the laboratory environment. The instrument power consumption is up to 30 W.
  • The waste bottle is equiped by fluid level sensing to prevent the bottle from overfilling.
  • The instrument can be in the fully open platform for the users so that they can program any method on their own. The system can also be partially closed so that the user is not allowed to modify any of the preinstalled assays but the user can create his own assays as well. The platform can be fully closed so that the users are allowed to run the preinstalled assays only.

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