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Effective β-nucleator for PP

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Brand Zhejiang Java Specialty Chemicals
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Product Description

avachem®RC is a highly efficient β crystal nucleating agent for polypropylene with great effects of increasing the crystallization rate, crystallinity and β crystal transformation rate. With its addition of 0.2% in homo-and co-PP, β crystalline conversion rate is as high as 90% and above, heat distortion temperature and stiffness are both improved, furthermore, it can improve the impact resistance of the product in normal and low temperature. It is especially suitable for using in high performance films such as battery microporous membrane, PP-R pipes and high performance modified polypropylene material with high thermal denaturation.

dvantages of Javachem®RC:

Increase crystallization temperature, shorten the molding cycle, anti-shrinking and improve dimension stability of the product.

Improve impact resistance and heat resistance, increase rigidity, improve heat distortion temperature (HDT) of PP material by 10%-15%.

Increase pore forming rate of PP microporous membrane, make pore size distribution more homogeneous,reduce the density of the membrane.

Has good synergism with carbon nanotube, improve the strength of the material, make the material lightweight.

Improve weldability, enhance chemical resistance of PP plate and frame material.


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