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Electronic Mouse Pest Repeller

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Product Specification

Brand N-EC
Condition Used
Warranty YES
Type Other

Product Description

Product Description
Ultrasonic mice repeller can give out a kind of peculiar and strong ultrasonic wave which can irritate the nervous and audiosystem of the mouse and other pests , make them uncomfortable and unpleasant and drive them away. The pest will become listless,poor appetite and will loss their reproduction and invasion ability.
1.Production description
- Working voltage:220V
-Rated power output: 5W
-Frequency response:20HZ-40HZ
-Using range:100-200 square meter
-Appearance meterials: fire prevention board
-Product specifications:19*13*9cm
-Weight: 1.0KG
-Color: White
-Characteristics:ultrasound, automatic frequency conversion no noise
-Scope: 50 meters in diameter
- Range of application: home, warehouse, shop, hospital, hotel, ect
2.Production operation
(1).The power cord is attached in this product. One of the power cord can be connected to the mouse repeller port and another one can be connected the 220V outlet. The user can turn on the power switch after checking and ensuring.
(2).The voice which You are welcome to use Yuandun intelligent mouse repeller!” can be played When the mouse repeller working. After that, the mouse repeller will be work with voice.
(3).The meow and Mice scream can be internaled in the mouse repeller. The voice and ultrasonic can be played switching into another one. The red indicator light is the ultrasonic light and it has 2s interval. However, the green light is the voice light and it has 1s interval.
(4).The user can turn off the bottom when they push the function key. If the user only wants to play the ultrasonic, they should push the key again and the voice will be played again.
3.Applicable scope
(1).Except for disinfesting the mouse, the mouse repeller can disinfest the cockroach, ant, spider, cricket, bug and silkworm.
(2).The mouse repeller can be used: home, warehouse, shop, hotel, restaurant, hospital and office.
(3).The effective range is 200 square meters. It is based on the actual place environment. General speaking, one mouse repeller can be installed in one house, if the user can install a number of mouse repellers, it can make the best effect.


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