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Environment - friendly film - forming fluoroprotein anti - dissolving foam extinguishing agent

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Environment - friendly film - forming fluoroprotein anti - dissolving foam extinguishing agent   

( FFFP / AR3% type, FFFP / AR6% type)  
■ Overview:
The extinguishing agent for low expansion foam fire extinguishing agent for a variety of low expansion foam generator. The film-forming fluorine-protein foam extinguishing agent can be used in combination with dry powder, and can also be used to suppress large-scale oil tank fire by adopting liquid surface spraying agent, with good performance of compatibility and less interference from other fire-extinguishing agents. In addition to the above advantages, FFP anti-solvent foam fire extinguishing agent can also be applied to the production of fire-fighting places where water-soluble flammable and flammable liquids such as alcohols, esters, ethers, aldehydes, ketones and organic acids are stored.
The products are widely used in airports, oil depots, large chemical plants, chemical storage, the terminal chemical library, the base oil depot, and so on.
■ mixing ratio:
   FFFP / AR3% type and water mixing ratio 3:97
   FFFP / AR6% type and water mixing ratio 6:94
■ Pour point: Normal ≤-10 ℃ 
   cold type ≤-15 ℃    
ultra cold type 15-deg.] C ~ -30 ≤ deg.] C
■ viscosity:
(FFFP / AR6% type)
            Normal ≤800mpa.s, low viscosity ≤400mpa.s, ultra-low viscosity ≤200mpa.s
(FFFP / AR3% type)
            Normal ≤ 1600mpa.s, low viscosity ≤800mpa.s, ultra-low viscosity ≤300mpa.s
■ packaging, transportation and storage requirements:
. A product is packaged in 20 Kg, 25Kg, 50Kg, 200Kg plastic barrels, 1000 Kg (IBC tons of barrels)
B products during transport, storage and other chemicals can not be mixed with other types of fire extinguishing agent
c. the product should be stored in a cool, dry coffers, to prevent exposure, storage ambient temperature of 40 deg.] C ~ deg.] C -5
D. the company Can be prepared for your cold-resistant, sea-resistant and low viscosity-type products   

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