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Environment - friendly high - pressure water mist foam extinguishing agent

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Environment-friendly high-pressure water mist fire extinguishing agent (AFFF / AR-GS)

■ Overview:
AFFF / AR3 the GS-high pressure water spray foam fire extinguishing agent is a versatile, efficient, environmentally friendly foam fire extinguishing agent, it is applicable not only in the high-pressure spray tiny droplets of water mist fire extinguishing system, also apply in the foam In a fire extinguishing system, a stable, persistent foam is sprayed. This extinguishing agent can be used in the high-pressure water mist, foam fire extinguishing equipment in Denmark Furui Si, just 20 liters of premix (19.4 liters of water: 0.6 L AFFF / AR-GS high pressure water mist, foam extinguishing agent) Plate (oil pan area of ​​8 square meters) oil fire test, and fire time less than a minute. Similarly, the same fire extinguishing tests were carried out in the extinguishments of 43A (4.3 meters in length, 0.5 meters in width and 0.6 meters in height), and in the extinguishing tests for alcoholic fire extinguishing 20B (oil pan area: 4 square meters) effect. It can be seen that the extinguishing performance of the fire extinguishing agent is water-film anti-solvent foam fire extinguishing efficiency of ten times, and the wide range of products, not only for foam system, but also for water spray system and FIREXPESS (Denmark Furui Si) and Tai Li Ryan high pressure water mist, foam fire extinguishing system.
  AFFF / AR-GS High-pressure water mist, foam fire extinguishing agent Due to the use of a new type of composite surfactant, it has a unique role in multi-functional fire fighting. Such as: in the fight A fire (solid fire) using water spray way to fire, the formation of water mist, fine water droplets diameter only in (7 ~ 100μm), dispersion ability, water droplets adhesion performance, it can penetrate To the deep burning of solid incendiary yin, the destruction of the combustion chain reaction, the deep-level fire, fundamentally terminated the re-combustion of burning; in the fight class B fire (liquid fire) oil fire, it not only has a very low Surface tension, good fluidity, and the resulting foam itself and the water performance of the performance of both have good stability, so it's fire-fighting performance and anti-burning performance are better than other products; in fighting alcohol fire, It can quickly form a layer of solid-phase film on the fuel surface, effectively hinder the destruction of the polar solvent on the foam, and make the foam quickly spread to achieve the purpose of rapid fire.
  AFFF / AR-GS high-pressure water mist, foam fire extinguishing agent is a kind of environment-friendly products, it is a commodity-grade foaming agent, food grade bio-polysaccharides, deionized water and the company with a complex surfactant, Moderate antifreeze, preservatives, corrosion inhibitors and other components, and with a special production process from the preparation. The fire extinguishing agent used in raw materials: daily-grade foaming agent, food grade polysaccharides and deionized water totaled 98% or more, so the environment pollution-free, environmentally friendly products. At the same time, the product is a water-saving foam fire extinguishing agent
■ mixing ratio: AFFF / GS1% 1:99 the AR-       
                 AFFF / the AR-GS3% 3:97    

                 AFFF / AR-GS6% 6:94

■ Pour point: -10 ℃ cold-type common type deg.] C ~ -30 deg.] C -12.5  
■ packaging, transportation and storage requirements:     
. A product is packaged in 20 Kg, 25Kg, 50Kg, 200Kg plastic barrels, 1000 Kg (IBC tons of barrels)
B products during transport, storage must not mixed with other chemicals and other types of fire extinguishing agent
c. the product should be stored in a cool, dry coffers, to prevent exposure, storage ambient temperature deg.] C ~ 40 deg.] C -2
D. the company can For your preparation of cold-resistant, sea-resistant products.

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