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Exinda 4800 appliance that Accelerates, Monitors and Optimizes up to 1 Mbps

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Condition : Still in original packaging Warranty: 3 Months
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Product Specification

Condition Still in original packaging
Warranty 3 Months

Product Description

EX-4860-1 Exinda 4800 Overview:

The Exinda x800 product family combines Exinda's award winning traffic management capabilities with TCP, CIFS and HTTP Acceleration and WAN Memory.

The Network Challenge:

Business applications originally developed for use on LANs run inefficiently across the WAN and are hampered by bandwidth limitations and latency. Furthermore, repetitive data sent across the WAN increases total link utilization and network congestion. A multitude of applications compete for limited WAN resources causing further congestion and poor application response times. IT staffs are seeking an effective and economical alternative to adding more bandwidth to solve poor application performance. They need tools that can help them understand how the network is being used and improve application performance to support business goals.

The Solution:

Exinda Networks provides a range of fully integrated WAN optimization and application acceleration appliances that boost the performance of applications over the WAN. Exinda’s x800 appliances combine award-winning traffic management technology with advanced optimization and acceleration capabilities for the industry’s most complete solution.

Exinda’s x800 product family offers a full range of proven, resilient appliances to meet your application performance goals and budget requirements. The appliances provide extensive network reports as well as the ability to manage network usage, solve congestion issues and prioritize time-sensitive services. Users will benefit from faster, uninterrupted access to applications across town or across the world. Exinda’s acceleration protocol is transparent, allowing for seamless network integration. Transparency means that implementation is simplified by leaving all access control rules and IDS/IPS policies intact.

Exinda Unified Performance Management (UPM):

Exinda’s UPM appliances integrate application visibility, application response measurement, WAN optimization and application acceleration onto a single appliance with centralized management from Exinda’s Service Delivery Point.

  • Delivers predictable application performance
  • Provides application visibility at Layer 7
  • Improves employee productivity
  • Reduces infrastructure and communications costs
  • Assists with network trouble shooting
  • Reduces business continuity risks
  • Optimizes VoIP implementations
  • Enables server centralization and consolidation
  • Reduces file back-up times
Network Topology:

Mohd Hassan

2017-09-17 10:17:11

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