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Technical specifications

  • One - or two - door design
  • Side hinged hinge door with quick release closure and integrated fan for the fast and even distribution of temperature and effective media.
  • Surface treatment of the inner walls of the chamber: finely-irradiated and surface-optimized against gas deposits.

Standard equipment

  • Sterilization chamber made of corrosion- and gas-resistant light alloy
  • Chamber external wall electrically heated and heat-insulated.
  • Frame and piping completely made of stainless steel
  • Continuous Evaporator: ensures an even active substance concentration within the chamber - independent of the loading. This makes it possible to safely sterilize even complex and complex instruments.
  • Operator identification and access protection against unlawful alteration of parameters.
  • Vacuum pump with gas jet
  • Security door lock
  • Lockable compartment for the supply containers
  • Variable temperature methods (55-75 ° C)

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