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General Composite Resin

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Indications: direct repair of front and rear teeth (including occlusal surface), post and core plasty, splint fixation, including inlays, inlays and veneer indirect repair.

Performance advantages: General composite resin is the resin matrix has been added to the surface treatment of inorganic filler and initiator system made of adhesive repair materials. General resin feel good, easy to operate, have good mechanical strength; polymerization shrinkage minimum, so the smallest pulling force on the tooth tissue, postoperative sensitive incidence is low; good anti-wear, excellent mechanical properties to ensure that the body more lasting.

Features: The material to be halogen or LED light curing, the minimum light intensity of 400mW / cm2, wavelength range of 400-500nm.


Do not expose the product to high temperatures or light.

The product should not be stored next to the product containing eugenol.

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