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Grab Bucket

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Condition : New Warranty: YES
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Product Specification

Brand Xinxiang Kehao Machinery Equipment Co. Ltd.
Condition New
Warranty YES
Mechanical Condition Others
Fuel Type Gasoline

Product Description

Grab Bucket is widely used in port, wharf, station yard, zeros tone mine to lift buck cargo, log, mineral, coal, earth-rock and so on.
▪ Grab crane is a kind of automatic picking up machinery,operated by driver.No need auxiliary personnel.
▪ To avoid the manual labor,save time and Greatly improve the efficiency.
▪ Main categories: hydraulic grab, log grab, wire rope grab and wireless remote control grab.

Grab bucket parameters:
▪ Lifting capacity: 1~120ton
▪ Conventional bucket volume:0.1 m3~20 m3
▪ Working environment temperature: -20℃ ~ +40℃

1. Hydraulic grab bucket

Hydraulic grab itself is fitted with a retractable roof structure, generally with the hydraulic cylinder drive, consisting of a plurality of jaw plate of hydraulic clamshell also called hydraulic claw. Hydraulic grab in hydraulic special devices are widely used, such as hydraulic excavator, hydraulic lifting tower etc..
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2.Log Grab, wood Grab, Excavator garb
▪ Save labor and greatly improve the efficiency. Ih efficiency with grab= 80h efficiency of 16 workers without grab.
▪ Improve production safety and greatly reduce the personal injury accidents


3. Mechanical grab
Mechanical grab itself no configuration retractable roof structure, usually driven by ropes or the connecting rod force, according to the operating characteristics can be divided into four rope grab and single rope grab, the most commonly used is the double rope grab.
Four wire rope grab reliable work, convenient operation, high productivity, wide application.
Single rope grab rope and support the opening and closing of a wire rope with rope.  The winding mechanism of single rope grab is relatively simple, but low productivity, rarely use a large number of loading and unloading operations.
3.1 single rope mechanical grab
3.2 four ropes mechanical grab


4.Wireless remote control grab
Wireless remote control grab is a match in the single drum hoist fetching device, used for loading and unloading ore, coal, grain, fertilizer, industrial salt, aluminum and other bulk cargo.
Wireless remote control grab skillfully will be combined with the wireless remote control technology and the most simple hydraulic technology application in the grab, grab a unique performance.

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