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GTXGN -12 (12kV) High Voltage Solid-insulated Switchgear

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GTXGN-12 Solid-insulated Switchgear is a new generation of fully-insulated and fully-enclosed environment-friendly switchgear. All live parts are enclosed in epoxy resin housing with APG injection moulding, and the adjacent cabinets are connected by plug-in solid-insulated bus, so the switchgear will not be affected
by external environment.

GTXGN-12 Solid-insulated Switchgear includes three cabinets of basic functional units: vacuum load switch cabinet, vacuum load switch & fuse cabinet combination, and vacuum circuit breaker cabinet, which applies to 10kV threephase AC 50Hz single-busbar system. As an equipment to receive and distribute electric energy, it is provided with line control, protection, monitoring and communication, and can be used in airport, subway, large building, secondary substation and mining or industrial enterprises, especially suitable for those
occasions with narrow place, poor environment, high altitude and maintenance free requirement.

Quality Assurance 

Quality assurance is established based on continuous improvement in the process of research, development, design and production in compliance with quality system. The manufacturing factory has passed ISO9001 certification.

The product has been provided with type test as required by National High-voltage Test and Inspection Center, whose basic parameters and technical index conform the following standards:

GB 1984-2014 High-voltage alternating-current circuit-breakers
GB3804-2004 High-voltage alternating-current switches for rated voltage above 3.6 kV and less than 40.5 kV
GB3906-2006 Alternating-current metal-enclosed switchgear and controlgear for rated voltages above 3.6 kV and up to and including 40.5 kV
GB16926-2009 High-voltage alternating current switch-fuse combinations
Q/GDW730-2012 Specifications for 12kV solid-insulated ring main units

Product Features  

Safe and reliable – all live parts are enclosed in the epoxy resin-insulated cylinder and silicon rubber-sealed busbar with external surface grounded and shielded so as to achieve full-insulation, full-enclosure and maintenance-free. The operation will not be affected by environment and altitude. Branch boxes prevent phase-to-phase discharge.

Compact structure – the smallest in the similar looped-network cabinets: load switchgear and circuit breaker 400 x 750 x 1500; load switch-fuse combination 440 x 750 x 1500.

Environmental protection – without greenhouse gases such as SF6.

Intelligent – the circuit breaker mechanism is functioned with reclosing and the load switch mechanism is

functioned with tripping.

The intelligent control unit components can be optional to meet the distribution and automation requirement in electric power enterprises.

Visual port – the conducting, isolating and grounding position of three-position isolated switch are visual.

Flexible expansion – with plug-in isolated bus, it can realize different combinations and expansions. The expanded bus is set on the top of cabinet, which caters for users and convenient for installation.

In order to ensure human safety in fuse replacement, the grounding device is provided on the lower outgoing side of load switchfuse combination.

The solid-insulated cabinet is provided with internal fault relief passage and structure, and reaches to IAC internal arc class. It is complete with mechanical and electrical interlocking and meets five-prevention requirement.

 Service Environmental Conditions

 Altitude: not higher than 1000m;
Ambient temperature: upper limit +45℃ , lower limit -40℃ ;
Relative humidity: daily mean RH not more than 95%, monthly mean RH not more than 90%;
No obvious pollutions such as erosion or combustible gas;
No frequent violent vibrations, earthquake intensity not above 8-magnitude.
Note: the customers shall consult any deviations from normal service conditions with the manufacturer.

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