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High chlorinated polyethylene (HCPE) resin is polyethylene (PE) resin by the depth of the chloride prepared by the polymer. Products for non-toxic, tasteless white or light yellow powder.  

HCPE classification: HCPE resin according to the size of PE molecular weight and the different chlorination process can be made of high viscosity HCPE, medium viscosity HCPE, low viscosity HCPE. High viscosity HCPE is mainly used in making adhesives, medium viscosity and low viscosity HCPE is mainly used in the production of anti-corrosion coatings.

HCPE performance characteristics:

1, excellent chemical stability, chemical resistance, its corrosion resistance than perchlorethylene, chlorosulfonated polyethylene 1-2 times higher.

2, outstanding resistance to aging, weatherability.

3, excellent adhesion with the substrate.

4, anti-virus, anti-mildew, excellent flame retardant properties.

5, good electrical insulation, compatibility and free coloring.

HCPE main purpose

1, in the field of coating applications

◆ Anticorrosive paint: including bridges, steel frame, chemical equipment, salt, fishing equipment and other important anti-corrosion coatings, anti-corrosion primer with rust, pipe coating.

◆ ship coatings: (including the hull exterior paint and cabin interior paint) cabin primer and ship full decorative finish and maintenance paint.

◆ fire retardant coating (flame retardant coating) - including wood exterior coating and steel outer fire retardant coating.

◆ architectural coatings - including the external walls of buildings (decorative) paint, concrete and other primer.  

◆ marine coatings - including containers, offshore platforms, terminals and other coatings. 

◆ machine Yang, roads, signs and road signs paint (road marking paint). 2, other areas of application

◆ can be used as a PVC adhesive;

◆ paper, fiber fire retardant;

◆ Neoprene, Dingqing rubber and other rubber series of heat-resistant adhesives modifier.

"GAOXIN" HCPE resin grades and technical indicators  

Shandong Gaoxin Chemical Co., Ltd. can provide long-term two brands of adhesive HCPE resin and two grades of paint-based HCPE resin for users. The four grades cover different viscosity, chlorine content, to meet most of the adhesive, anti-corrosion coating needs of users. In addition, the high letter can also be based on the special requirements of users, tailored to users of special grades of HCPE resin to meet the individual requirements of users.

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