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HK.ESWO-AJII - Pain Treatment(ESWT)

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ESWT was introduced into orthopedic and rehabilitation field in late 1980s. Through more than a decade clinical research, shock wave therapy has been continuously improved and its application is increasingly expanded. At present, shock wave therapy has become a prior option in treating many orthopedic diseases.

HK.ESWO-AJII is an ESWT device fresh from production lines with enhanced performance presented by Huikang.

Unexpectedly Effective
While most physical therapies take effect very slowly and seldom effect a cure, HK.ESWO-AJII turns out to be completely different: for the majority of its indications, shock wave therapy acts obviously just a moment after it starts.

Easy Operation
Just a single operator is enough to take full control of HK.ESWO-AJII. One treatment takes only 20 minutes without any special preparation work.

Free from adverse effect
Worldwide so far there has been no report on adverse effect arising from shock wave therapy since the introduction of ESWT 20 years ago.

Safe and Reliable
HK.ESWO-AJII is safe and reliable, and its manufacturing standard is up to the state of the art.

The whole wheeled system can be easily pushed from place to place.

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