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Jam e Shirin Sugar Free

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Product Description

Jam e Shirin Sugar FreeProduct Uniqueness:

  • Distillates of Herbs, No water Added
  • Light and refreshing drink
  • 276 Quality Tests and Checks.


  • Jam-e-Shirin Sugar Free made with chilled water provides a thirst-quenching and fully satisfying experience
  • Nothing beats the heat like Jam-e-Shirin Sugar Free with a touch of lemon
  • By adding Jam-e-Shirin Sugar Free as a topping, ice cream, fruits, cakes and other desserts can be made more tempting and delicious

If you are weight conscious or looking after your sugar consumption, sugar free and low calorie drinks are the best bet while choosing a drink. And when it comes to choice with quality, Jam e Shirn Sugar Free is an excellent one.

Retaining the quality characteristics of Jam e Shirin, Jam e Shirin Sugar Free has been developed for health conscious and diabetic individuals.

It’s a light, refreshing and revitalizing drink to have in summer heat.

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