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Product Specification

Brand Promattex International
Material Aluminum

Product Description


Pneumatic press, format 105 x 75 cm
The GF-10575PTR is a pneumatic press for transfer on textile and other flat media of a 105 x 75 cm format. The parallel closing of the heating plate allows the marking of thicker media up to 5 cm.

The GF-10575PTR is a very polyvalent press which opens the market of sportswear confection and fabrication. Its large working surface allows the realisation of complete cloth patterns. Its 105cm width meets the requirements of large format printers 44”(11,8cm laize)

Compared to a 80 x 60 format, the 105 x 75cm plate allows the marking on even larger supports and improves even more the productivity with the multi exposure (press at once 180 visit cards, 54 tiles of 10,8 x 10,8 cm, a whole fresco, ect.)

Its pneumatic system – which requires a compressor- guarrantees an effortless work even for large production series as the closing of the heating plate is activated using the 2 push buttons and the opening is automatic. The pressure is measurable thanks to the nanometer and uniform on the whole media.

Ergonomic, the sliding lower plate eases the positionning of the products and offers a better visibility for the marking. The front up drawer makes the press space-saving and limits the risk of burns than a press with the swing away opening.

To guarantee work quality, the upper plate is equipped with an anti adhesive protection sheet, the lower plate with a special sublimation 4cm thickness foam covered with a 1cm thickness felt carpet, and a protection sheet.

The must of large format : Optional silicoan foams !
Strongly improve your tee-shirt productivy with a 105 x 75cm plate ! Use the 105cm width and realize at once 2 sublimation printings up to 35 x 50 cm format thanks to the two silicon foams. It also heightens the marking surface for a uniform pressure without fold or any tissue surplus.
Caracteristic(s) :

- Plate format (L x P) : 105 x 75 cm
- Size (L x H x D) : 130 x 100 x 107,5 cm
- Power : 9,5 kW - 27,3 A
Delivered with a bare power cable (no plug)
* Make sure you direct plug on 25A circuit breaker
- Voltage : 380V
- Digital Thermostat : 0 to 250°C
- Air Consumption : 5 to 8 L / cycle
- Automatic digital timer with buzzer
- Weight: 320 kg
- 1 year guarantee carry in / Certified CE

Accessory(ries) :

Accessories and options :
- Air compressor required
- Set of two silicon foams

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