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LC5000 HPLC System

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Warranty: 1 Year
Country of shipping : UAE
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Warranty 1 Year

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The LC 5000 is a device giving very accurate results at a low cost. Whether you need the HPLC system for analytical or preparative chromatography, the LC 5000 is the right solution. Choose the components you need and put together a system that will fi ll your needs. The LC 5000 can be used as a PC-controlled interconnected system. All components may be also used separately and controlled through a keyboard and screen. For your analytical or preparative application the HPLC LC 5000 offers:    - A product with an exceptional price/quality ratio  - selection of corresponding columns    - warranty and post-warranty consultations free of charge  - The LC 5000 has applications in basic research, the pharmaceutical industry, industrial       research and many other fields. Including all accessories: - LCP 5020 Analytical / Semi-Preparative and LCP5080 Preparative Pumps. - LCD 5000 UV/Visible High sensitivity Detector Wave Length Range: 190-700nm - LCT 5100 Column Oven  - LCS 5040 Auto sampler

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