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Lighting Control Gear 2500

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Condition New
Warranty YES

Product Description

Lighting Control Gear

Devtech Lighting Control Gear is Power Line and RF based Lighting control gear for dimmable LED lighting. LCG 2500 is CE & S certified product. Devtech’s M2M digital lighting controller drives multiple lamp types automatically and energy efficiently. Devtech Lighting Control Gear is Lonmark International certified product. The LCG 2500 includes a built-in metering engine with Class 1 accuracy which captures and reports all the real time energy metering parameters as well as records the historical usage type data such as energy consumption (KWh) and lamp burning hours with Automatic detection of failures that enable warnings and reports. Individual control for lamps can be obtained efficiently sitting at distant command centre. LCG 2500 comes with Devtech Surge Guard which is series / parallel surge protection device with 5kv capacity.

Product Description

  • Provides ISO/IEC 14908-1 and 3 (ANSI/CEA- 709.1 complaint) Power line-based , two-way communications between lamp Ballasts (drivers) and segment gateway controllers.
  • Compatible with HID magnetic / Electronic ballast and LED Fixtures.
  • Connects directly to Echelon ilonsmart server located on LT powerline network feeder and Intelligent Streetlight control SCADA software (Standalone / Web based server application) for remote monitoring.
  • Controlling operations and data acquisition of electrical parameters from off-site location with energy savings up to 50% and reduced maintenance operating cost. Savings up to 50% and reduced maintenance operating cost.
  • Optimizes communications with integrated power line meshing
  • Enables remote command and control at each and every lamp.
  • Built in metering engine with Class 1 accuracy which captures and reports all the real time energy metering parameters as well as records the historical usage type data such as energy consumption (KWh) and lamp burning hours.
  • Automatic detection of failures and warnings, reporting and shut down.
  • Future proofs upgradable lighting systems at lower cost with remote firmware update abilities.
  • Proven, high reliability, two-way communications with each lighting fixture without new wiring.
  • Light levels can be programmed to synchronize with usage schedule and modified due to schedule changes “on the fly”.
  • Quiet, cool operation and Environmentally friendly.
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Aluminium Extursion IP65 casing with fins for proper heat dissipation. (IP67 / IP68 version also available)
    Meets ROHS & CE requirements.
  • In accordance with the international Standard EN 55015 / EN 50065-1, EN 61000-3-2, EN 61347-1/ EN 61347-2-12, IEC61000-4-5 Level 4.0
  • Compliance to worldwide safety regulations for lighting
    Comprehensive warranty
  • Enables to use with multiple lighting technologies and power supplies to suit end-user needs and technology evolution.
  • High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) / Metal Halide (MH)Lighting — Magnetic / Electronic Ballast
  • Light Emitting Diode (LED) Lighting — Driver
  • Induction Lighting — Electronic Ballast/Generator

Applications with HID / LEDLighting Fixtures

  • Street Lighting & High Mast Lighting in Municipalities & Industrial Townships
  • Industrial Lighting – Shop Floors & Godowns, External Equipment, Areas, Roads & Stockyards
  • Floodlighting – Ports, Railway Yards, Mining, Sports Stadium,Transport, Depots etc
  • Security Lighting
  • Lighting of Advertisement Hoardings
  • Commercial Lighting – HID applications in shops & malls
  • Architectural Floodlightning of landscapes & buildings
  • * FlameProof (FLP) / Extruded Version of all the wattages are available to use for Chemical factories /Refineries (including the iLon Smart Server)

Built in features

  • Filtered auxiliary power output for lighting Applications
  • Switched internal relay for turning lights on/off
  • Greater than 48 dB attenuation for lighting noise sources (built-in blocking filter)

Power Line Communications

  • Dual frequency 115 kbps and 132 kbps. Two-way communications on the LonWorks PL channel based on the ISO/IEC 14908-3 standard.
  • Power Line Repeating: The Lonworks node can repeat messages within the outdoor lighting network, as requested by the Segment Controller. If PL communications fail between the Segment Controller and a particular Lonwor””ks PL node, the Segment Controller can dynamically specify another Lonworks PL node to act as a repeater to maintain overall network communications. If the network includes PL/RF Bridge. modules, the Segment Controller can route messages throughout the network using either Power Line or Radio Frequency communications, as needed.

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