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MC500 EPI Fluorescent Microscope

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Product Specification

Brand Phenix Optics Holding Stock Co. Ltd
Condition New
Warranty YES

Product Description

BMC500 single-band LED excitation fluorescent microscope, specifically for the diagnosis of tuberculosis and other single-detection design, different filter module optional, easy to achieve different fluorescence observation needs.
LED lighting does not heat, low radiation, light intensity continuously adjustable, long service life. Compared with traditional high-pressure mercury lamp, LED lighting without preheating or cooling, can be lit directly to shorten the preparation time, improve work efficiency.

1. Bright field / fluorescent switch
depending on the application requirements, the rotation bright field / fluorescence switch knob to switch between the two to achieve observation method.

2. Brightness adjustment knob
easily rotate the brightness knob, you can adjust the LED intensity fluorescent lighting

3. Diverse LED fluorescent intermediate module
     B1 except tuberculosis dedicated B4 band module, the user can according to different needs, choose the desired, G1 Or UV2-band LED fluorescent intermediate module. If you need to select multiple modules, can be used to replace.

ITEM Specification BMC502-FLED-B BMC503-FLED-B BMC502-FLED-G BMC503-FLED-G
Optical System Infinite Plan Optical System
Total Magnification 40X to 1600X
B, the G
Laser the System
B (blue): EX490 DM510 BA515    
G (green): EX545 DM580 BA590    
Viewing Head Binocular-Style Gemel Gemel
 Inclined 30 Degree, interpupillary Distance: 55-75mm 
Trinocular Gemel, 30 Degree Inclined
interpupillary Distance: 55-75mm
Eyepieces High Eyepoint, Wide Field, Viewing Adjustable WF10X / 20mm, WF16X / 16mm
Objective Nosepiece Quadruple Nosepiece Inner Inclined.
ICCF Infinite Plan Achromatic Objectives 4X
40X (S)
100X (SO)
Focusing System Coarse and Fine Focusing Coaxal, Coarse and Fine Focusing Easy to Operating at Your Will
Coarse Degree of Tightness Basised of Your Custom, Coarse Range: 25 mm, Fine Precision Scale: 0.002 mm
Working Stage Double Layers with Mechanical Sliding Stage, Triangle Iron Moving Up and Down
Area: 188mm × 145mm, Moving Range: 76mm (X) × 54mm (Y), With Two Slice Clips
Lamp LED 3W / 1A, Stepless adjustment light, no Screen flashing
Halogen lamps 6V / 30W, Stepless adjustment light, no Screen flashing        
Power Switch Power: Input AC 90V-246V, Wide Voltage. Putout: DC6V
Optional The U-1. (Ultraviolet), V (Violet) Laser the System
2. Auxiliary Laser the Filter, EX450-490
3. To Connections Video Adapter, Digital Camera Adapter

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