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Product Specification

Brand Troyka Med Medical Systems, Inc.
Condition New

Product Description

ECG recording

The patented ECG preparation guarantees a very high protection against gradient artefacts, which makes the MAGLIFE Serenity the ideal device for cardiovascular application. 


Up to three outputs for vital parameters are available. Both analogue and digital outputs ensure compatibility with all types of MRI devices.

Wide operational range

The MAGLIFE Serenity is compatible with 0.2 Tesla to 3.0 Tesla imagers of all manufacturers. It has been developed for everyday use, but also to meet the highest requirements in anaesthesia, cardiology and hemodynamics in an MRI environment.

Optical measurement of core and skin temperature

The optical measuring method permits an unrestricted and safe positioning of the temperature sensor, even in high-field MRIs.


The display unit gives the total control over the main device. An interruption of the MRI examination is only necessary if required by the patient‘s condition.


The facility to move the MAGLIFE Serenity easily and quickly to the patient or the MRI is a significant advantage. Moreover, operation via mains or battery gives additional mobility and flexibility. The MAGLIFE Serenity provides a patient orientated data management and documentation in every situation. Since the MAGLIFE Serenity can be connected to the MAGSCREEN, the system can be used with several MRIs in a confined space.

Wireless data transmission

The MAGLIFE Serenity is based on the latest WLAN technology; therefore, the MAGLIFE Serenity and the display unit can communicate via optical fibre cable, ethernet or WLAN. 

Customer care and service We provide 24 hour technical support.

Safe SpO2 measurement Thanks to the optical sensors, a safe SpO2 measurement for adults, infants and neonates is guaranteed at all times.

Monitoring the magnetic field

The MAGLIFE Serenity has a built-in stray field analyser which constantly analyses the magnetic field, alarming when the set threshold is reached and activating the safety shutdown when exceeded. 

User-friendly features

Clearly visible colour screens on the TFT monitor as well as on the display unit and easy to use software guarantee a user-friendly operation. The easy and quick transport ensures ideal flexibility. The MAGLIFE Serenity can be placed on the MR compatible anaesthesia cart. The simultaneous monitoring of 32 vital parameters gives you the overview at all times.

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