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Multi Bio FingerPrint & FingerVein Biometrics

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The first Multimodal FingerPrint & FingerVein device in the world with the combination of multitouch screen for enhanced interactivity for time attendance and high security applications. In addition to offering the most reliable results for enrolling difficult fingers including wet, dry, dirt and instable bloodstreams.

Multi touch capacitive screen

Gorilla glass protection

NFC - Multi Standard RFID

USB flash & micro SD support

Ethernet & PoE Powered

built-in camera (Optional)

3G, Wi-Fi &  Bluetooth (Optional)

RS-485 & Wiegand

Mono Audio & Internal Speaker

Relay Outputs & Optic Inputs
Furthermore, the device offers enhanced functionality and flexibility over other products such as connecting remotely from device to server or vice versa along with access controller functionalities like releasing doors on schedules.

A typical use of the product can be :

High security access where biometrics data protection is first priority using small factor built-in backup battery in case of power cut attack

A self-service in a small factor for patient identification, pension payments, loyalty programs on the spot using two-factor authentication method. For example, reviewing last bank transactions, last pension payment history or last time attendance records instantly with multitouch capabilities

Enhancing interactivity between users and backend systems for time attendance and access control identification or verification
FV Multibio innovative and different from similar products :
It is not only the adoption of the two different technology sensors but also the high security and smart multi-touch capacitive which improves security and interactivity with large micro SD memory to extend the basic functionalities to more advance uses (endless applications). In particular, it offers :

Anti-tamper & anti pulling switches to activate an automatic deletion of biometrics data linked to a small factor battery. The device will raise an alarm and remove all biometrics data in the device in case of physical attack unless activating maintenance mode (disarm the unit) or in case if multiple wrong entry of password or unauthorized connection tries from the network

Supports both way communications. Server connecting to real IP of device and device connecting from within private networks back to the server

The large multitouch capacitive touch screen offers unparalleled functionalities:First multimodal with positioning guide on screen
First self-service with fingerprint/fingervein where users can see last transactions of different application scenarios instantly
First device offering customized screens and custom building of themes

The Corning Gorilla Glass and IP65 support adds a combination of unique features to the device

Access controller functionality in small factor such as door sensors, scheduled release of doors, smart backup battery switching between secure or operation mode in case of power failure and no reported attacks

Database encryption in extreme security use

Camera for added security or even adding a third biometrics like facial recognition

Intercom with two way communications using IP networks


A new era for biometrics

Universal and easy-to-adopt: successful enrollment is guaranteed - particularly for individuals who experience difficulties with mono-modal devices - with the same simplicity and ease of use as for fingerprints alone > The failure To Enroll (FTE) rate is greatly improved

Unparalleled accuracy: by reducing the probability of rejecting genuine individuals and accepting impostors, it gives an efficient response to both comfort and security concerns in any biometric application > @FAR=10-4, FRR is 10 times lower than with the best of the 2 modalities

Resistance to spoofing: it combines the protection mechanisms intrinsic to each technology and also makes the most of the new characteristics resulting from the fusion
Robust design

- IP 65 rated sensing window
- Scratch, vibration and shock resistant
- Temperature range: -100C to 500C (operating) ;
- 200C to 700C (storage)
- Operating Humidity 10 - 80%, Storage <95%

Extensive and best-in-class biometric/security features :

- Fast recognition:
▪ One-to-one authentication in 1s (average)
▪ One-to-many identification caption in 1s average (1 to 500), 1.5saverage (1 to 5,000)

- Large storage capacity:
5,000 users (10,000 templates)

- Multiple biometric outputs:
▪ Multimodal template
▪ Fingerprint image (500dpi, 256 grayscale, 400x400 pixels): RAW or WSQ compressed (under license)

- Fingerprint templates (under license):
proprietary, ISO 19794-2:2005, ANSI/INCITS 378

- Adjustable FAR from 10-2 down to 10-8 ; remains stable whatever the number of individuals in the database

- Data integrity check by the host to exchange data under secure channel (in option) 

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