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Neem Stick

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Dimensions 6 Sticks
Size(cm) 6"
Type Others

Product Description


Neem sticks are traditionally used for oral care all over Asia, particularly in India. They are an all-natural, fully plant-based, and totally biodegradable option for teeth cleaning. Our fresh neem chew sticks are grown in India. Our neem sticks are grown organically without any pesticides or fertilizers.

Each order contains six Neem Sticks that are each approximately six inches long.

How to use a Neem Stick

Chew the end of a neem stick (chew on approximately 1 inch of the stick) until “bristles” are formed from the fibers of the stick. Now you have an old fashioned “toothbrush.” Next, gently and carefully rub the bristles along your teeth as you would a conventional toothbrush. After brushing, cut off the used portion of the neem stick using a strong pair of scissors or a clean pruner. Discard the used portion in your compost (it will biodegrade), and save the rest of the neem stick for future use.

How to Properly Store the Neem Sticks

Upon receiving our zero waste packaging, it’s best to immediately store the neem sticks in the refrigerator – this will help the active ingredients to remain fresh. For best results, neem sticks should be used within 60 days. Neem sticks should not be kept inside a tightly sealed jar as they will be more prone to spoiling, and should not be kept in the freezer as they will lose their texture.

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