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PIPES ODE Rockflex Insulation Materials

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Brand PLATES ODE Rockflex Insulation Materials
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Product Description

ODE Rockflex vatu- a mineral insulating material, which is produced by melting basalt mineral at a high temperature and bringing it to a fiber-like state, and containing up to 97% natural fibers. In addition to thermal insulation also provides acoustic insulation and fire resistance, and is the ideal insulation material for installations and industrial applications, with a fire-resistant types and a wide range of products with different levels of density.

National Mineral pipe Ode Rockflex, μ = 6 (uncoated) have a coefficient of resistance to water vapor diffusion.
National Mineral pipe Ode Rockflex, according to TS EN 13501-1 standard, refer to the group A1 non-combustible materials. Products covered with aluminum foil, are A2L class.
National Mineral pipe Ode Rockflex, under load and with deformation 500Pa 1.5%, heat resistance of 650 ° C.
Standard mineral density prefabricated pipes Ode Rockflex of 80kg / m³. If you have any special demand for projects possible special production with a density 65-90-120kg / m³.
Thermal conductivity of mineral prefabricated pipes Ode Rockflex (λ): 0,0345 W / mK (at 0 ° C).
Applications: Used for sound and vibration insulation manufacturing equipment in order to save heat and fire protection and high temperature industrial water pipes.

Application: Depending on the application, use bare or covered with an aluminum coating. After coating the bare prefabricated pipe connections are defined by means of screws, rivets, clamps or adhesion. The aluminum foil they are defined with a special tape. When used for insulating cold pipes, all connections and joints are covered by a strip of aluminum foil, it is necessary to provide a seal, preventing water vapor to pass.

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