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PTFE molded tubes with carbongraphite MoS2

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Product Specification

Brand Conceptfe
Condition New
Warranty YES

Product Description

It is made of pure tube and filled tube (color tube, copper tube, glass fiber tube, graphite tube, carbon fiber tube, carbon black tube, polyphenylene tube, etc.).

Product Features

1. Resistance to low, high temperature (-190 ℃ -250 ℃)

2. Corrosion-resistant, weather-resistant  

3. High lubrication, no adhesion  

4. No poison 

5. Non-flammable  

6. Acid and alkali (in addition to molten alkali)  

7. Antioxidant properties.

Product Usage

  1. For insulation sheathing, anti-corrosion pipes, all kinds of corrosive environment, anti-corrosion insulation tube;

  2. Heat exchangers, lubricating bearings, piston rings, oil seals and seals and other mechanical aspects;

  3. Used in construction, rail related to the anti-sticking materials;

  4. Add as many filler materials as required to enhance the required aspect.

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