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PTFE tape 0.03-1mm Mechanical seal style

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Product Specification

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Warranty YES

Product Description

Teflon (PTFE) Tape and Film:

PTFE skived film is teflon resin after molding and skiving to non-directional films and non-directional films is rolled to semi-directional and directional film.

Product features:

1.Low temperature and high temperature resistance (-180 ℃- +260 ℃)  

2.corrosion resistance , weather resistance  

3.high lubricity, no adhesion 



6.acid and alkali resistance (except molten alkali metals) 




SFM-1(directional) capacitor dielectric,etc
SFM-2(semi-directional/ non-directional) Wire insulation
SFM-3(directional/      non-directional) Electrical instrumentation insulation and sealing gasket,etc


1.wire and cable, battery electrodes and other electronic aspects    

2.gasket seals and lubricating materials, as well as electrical insulation used at various frequencies.


Categories           width(mm) thickness(mm) length(mm)
skived film(non-directional  film) 5~1300 0.03~1.0
Semi-directional film
directional film
Note:  The length could be processed according to requirement of customers. 


Main technical indicator :

Property Unit  SFM-1  SFM-2  SFM-3 
High-density  Semi-density Common Common Common
Elongation strength MPa ≥ 30  ≥ 20  ≥ 10  ≥ 30  ≥ 10 
Elongation at break ≥ 30  ≥ 60  ≥ 100  ≥ 30  ≥ 100 
1MHz dielectric constant  1.8~2.2  1.8~2.2 
Dc breakdown coltage(normal temperature) KV/mm  Average  200  100 40 60 30
lowest40 10 4

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