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Condition New
Warranty YES
Fuel Type Gasoline

Product Description

This is a rotating sterilizer, which can sterilize any type of container (jars included) using hydrogen peroxide (H2 O2) in the liquid or gaseous state.
During the first phase, hot air is injected at a temperature of approx. 80°C to pre-heat the jar; in the second phase, nebulized hydrogen peroxide is injected at concentrations of 30%.
A third phase with hot air (approx. T=100-110°C) enables any hydrogen peroxide residues inside the containers to be removed. Instead of hot air, saturated steam at 121°C can be used as a fluid to activate the hydrogen peroxide itself and make it evaporate, thus enhancing its oxidative power.
Hydrogen peroxide is injected through special “atomizing” nozzles, so as to completely cover the inner wall of the container with a thin film and substantially reduce the amount required for each container (0,5-2ml.). These small amounts of H2 O2 are injected for very short periods, that is within a few tenths of a second, and it would be very difficult to control such times if mechanically operated spraying valves were used.
The injection times of the various cycles are therefore completely controlled by an electronic system; each nozzle is powered by a solenoid valve which, in turn, is activated by the PLC controlling all the phases of the machine. This guarantees maximum flexibility of the whole system and optimization of consumption.
The machine is equipped with a laminar flow cabin to ensure complete cleaning and decontamination of the containers.
A new sterilization technology based on hydrogen peroxide steam, that is H2 O2 in gaseous phase, is currently being experimented with; during this phase the hydrogen peroxide oxidative power is much higher than in the liquid phase, making it possible to reach high decontamination levels in short intervals.

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