Silicone Birth-Vac Cup

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Silicone Birth-Vac™ Cup is designed for birth assisting. Made of silicone material, the cup comes with a soft rim which is made to minimize the risk of trauma to fetal head. A reference-line imprinted vertically on the cup for visual positioning. A rigid shaft with three loops provides firm grip. A chromed plated metal handle offers easy-hold, and the valve of the handle provides easy accessibility for vacuum adjustment. Silicone Birth-Vac™ Cup shortens and assists second stage of labor in occipital delivery, which avoids the danger of forceps delivery. It also minimizes the risk of trauma and cephalohematoma of fetal cranium. Designed for reusable, Birth-Vac™ Cup is made of 100% medical grade, which features prolonged product life with proper use, cleaning and reprocessing procedures. Three cup sizes of 50, 60 and 70 mm are available for selection


Birth-Vac™ Cup: 

REF. No. Size Application
1300-0050 50 mm

Soft rim
Rigid shaft

1300-0060 60 mm
1300-0070 70 mm

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