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Solvent Dyes

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Dyestuff is mainly applied in natural fiber like cotton, wool, silk, hemp, and synthetic fiber like polyester, acrylic, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, etc. It is also widely used in wood, leather, paper, ink, photosensitive material, medicine, cosmetics coloring. Some dyestuffs are organic pigments as well.

Excellent dyestuff is able to resist outside effects such as sunlight, washing, friction, acid or alkaline perspiration, ironing, bleaching, smoking, and sublimation and does not make color fade or fade less. According to application, performance and applying method, it can be divided into many types. Nowadays most widely applied types are as below: Solvent Soluble Dyes, Metal Complex Dyes, Fiber Reactive Dyes, Disperse Dye for Polyester, Solubilised Vat Dyes, Acidic and Basic Dyes, Sulphur Black Dyes.

For solvent dyes (including metal complex dyes), we are the manufacturer. And for other dyes, we have long-term cooperating and sustainable sub-suppliers.


   YELLOW 4G    RED 149    BLUE 101
   YELLOW 14    RED 135    BLUE 132
   YELLOW 16    RED 146-A    BLUE 136
   YELLOW 21    RED 146-B    BLUE 35-A
   YELLOW 33    RED 168    BLUE 35-B
   YELLOW 56    RED 169    BLUE 35-C
   YELLOW 72    RED 179-A    BLUE 36
   YELLOW 93    RED 179-B    BLUE 59
   YELLOW 93-A    RED 207    BLUE 63
   YELLOW 98    RED 23    BLUE 78
   YELLOW 114-A    RED 24    BLUE 97
   YELLOW 114-B    RED 195    BLUE 104
   YELLOW 141    RED 196    BLUE 122-A
   YELLOW 157    RED 197    BLUE 122-B
   YELLOW 163-A    VIOLET 14    BLUE 70
   YELLOW 163-B    VIOLET 49    BROWN 53
   YELLOW 176-A    VIOLET 11    BLACK 3
   YELLOW 176-B    VIOLET 13    BLACK 27
   YELLOW 179    VIOLET 31-A    BLACK 34
   ORANGE 63    VIOLET 59-A    BLACK 36
   ORANGE 60    VIOLET 59-B    BLACK 59
   ORANGE 107    VIOLET 26    BLACK 78
   RED H    VIOLET 36    GREEN 852
   RED 164    VIOLET 37    GREEN 3-A
   RED 172    BLUE 45    GREEN 3-B
   RED 242    BLUE 67    GREEN 5
   RED 111-A    BLUE 94    GREEN 28
   RED 111-B    BLUE 98    GREEN G

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