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T-Style Oil-Free Reciprocating Compressors

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Warranty: 1 Month
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Warranty 1 Month

Product Description

Corken's T-style horizontal compressors utilize three sets of segmented packing per packing rod and two (double) distance pieces. The inner oil wiper rings and oil deflector ring prevent oil carryover.

Maximum piston displacement: 414 cfm (704 m3/hr)

Maximum working pressure: 1,650 psi (113.8 bar g)

Maximum brake horsepower: 75 hp (55.9 kW)

Maximum outlet temperature: 350 °F (177 °C)

Cylinder sizes are 2.75", 3.25", 4", 5", 6" and 8"
Single- and two-stage designs
Utilizes segmented purge packing that consists of purge packing cups, spacers, O-rings, segmented packing, backup ring and springs
Comes with two packing configurations: pad and purge packing
Available in twelve single-stage and twelve two-stage models
Constructed with three sets of packing per piston rod and offers oil-free gas compression

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