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VS-II P Wound Care and Drainage Suction Unit

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Product Description

VS-IIP Wound Care and Drainage Suction Unit is composed of negative
pressure systems, pressure detection system, display systems and control
circuit components. It applies to vacuum-assisted and sustained low
suction drainage of the body cavity, or wounds care suction.

Product Details
Bedside drainage with quiet work, no noise interference
Continuous precise adjustment within limited negative
Vacuum fixed-time control
LCD screen or vacuum meter display
Sustainable long-term high-life of 300 hours of work boot

Range of vacuum setting: -0.01- -0.05Mpa(75-380mmHg)
Instaneous free air flow rate: ≥8L/min
Control of working time: 5min/2min, intermittent and continuous working
Continuous working time: ≥300h
Power consumption: ≤120VA
Noise: ≤55db(A)
Collection bottle: 1L
Pressure display: LCD screen
Weight: 4.5kg
Dimension(L*Y*H)mm: IIP:360*180*300

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