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Wall-mounted dental X-ray machine JYF-10B-new

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Condition : New Warranty: YES
Country of shipping : China
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Product Specification

Brand Qingdao Zhonglian Hainuo Medical Technology Co., Ltd.
Condition New
Warranty YES

Product Description

The introduction of foreign advanced technology, efficient integrated design, high efficiency, low radiation.
Microcomputer intelligent control, remote exposure. More with low voltage alarm, high voltage protection super function.
Micro-focus technology, the impact of a more clear, more accurate diagnosis.
The rack has a mobile, fixed two modes, pneumatic lift seat, to ensure that the doctor more convenient, more comfortable guests.
Can choose the room to wash the teeth, one minute imaging, the greatest degree of convenience to the doctor diagnosed.
Can be connected to oral digital imaging system.

Technical Parameters
Power supply conditions: AC220V ± 10%, 50HZ, 1KVA
Tube voltage: 70KV
Tube current: 8mA
Focus size: 0.8mm
Total filtration: 2.5mmAL
Exposure time: 0.2-4 seconds
Leaked radiation: 1 meter outside ≦ 0.002mGy / h, (national standard 0.25mGy / h)
Package Size: Host: 152 * 57 * 26 (cm)
net weight: Host: 57kg

ten. Precautions
1. In order to operate the safety, you must install a good grounding wire.
2. Due to the small X-ray machine heat capacity is limited, it is recommended that the operation should pay attention to intermittent work.
3. The machine only in the exposure process, will produce X-ray, power state will not produce X-ray, power on the state as long as the exposure does not produce radiation.
4. The machine in the correct use, any unexpected circumstances, the operator immediately cut off the power, stop using. The aircraft after passing the inspection, before re-use.
5. The factory is equipped with the following specifications of the additional filter board: 1.0 / 0.5mm each one of the aluminum.
6. Remove the machine and remove the other parts when removing the machine.
8. After each use of the machine, the arm to restore the highest point, head position placed balance.
9. After each use with medical alcohol on the end of the beam and the patient contact with the part of the disinfection, cleaning.
10. Clean the machine surface with a dry cloth every week and check that the connectors are in good contact.
11. Attention to the machine maintenance, check the light, display, knob, switch, remote control work is normal; X-ray source components may be oil; X-ray source components exposure, with or without abnormal sound; mechanical parts of the fixed screw There is a loose phenomenon.
12. The rated capacity of the machine is 1.1kW, please use the power supply capacity is greater than 1.5kW power supply or power grid. If the regional grid voltage is not normal, it is recommended to support more than 1.5KW industrial voltage regulator, to prevent the voltage is not normal damage to the machine, reducing machine life.

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