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750 Cut And Wrap Machines

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Condition : New Warranty: YES
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Product Specification

Brand AMF Rose
Condition New
Warranty YES
Material Aluminum

Product Description

The ‘750’ range are versatile cut and wrap machines, which has been designed for strength and durability, as well as ease of operation and low maintenance. The machine sizes, shapes, cuts to length and wraps toffee, fruit chew, bubble gum, or high boiled sugar fed in rope form from a Batch Roller/Rope Sizer or extruder. Versions of the ‘750’ cut and wrap machine can produce square, rectangular, round or cylindrical shaped sweets and lollipops, in various wrapping styles.


Sequence of Operations
A rope of confectionery product is fed to the infeed section of the cut and wrap machine. Two pairs of intermittent sizing rollers feed and size the rope to the desired width and thickness. The presence of the rope is detected by a sensor and the PLC signals the paper feed to engage at the correct time, thereby avoiding wrapper wastage.

Paper feeding rollers provide the correct length of paper, which is cut-off by an easily detachable rotary knife. The rope of product is cut to the desired length by a pair of nipping knives (rotary knife on 750WT) and then pushed with the cut wrapper into the wrapping wheel. The wrapping is completed as shown in the diagram, depending upon the desired wrapping style.



Long, efficient life
The cut and wrap machines have been designed to withstand the rigours of high-speed confectionery production. Precision machined components are housed in a solid cast iron frame and are constantly lubricated with oil. External parts are designed for easy removal for cleaning and maintenance purposes. The machines therefore require little servicing, maintenance or spare parts.

Simple yet sophisticated control system
Control of the machine is achieved through a PLC system, which has diagnostic features such as warnings of wrapper ruffles or guards incorrectly positioned. All electrical/electronic components are of the highest international standards and are housed in a single enclosure with a hinged door for easy access. Operation of the machine is via the conveniently located control panel.

Health and Safety assured
Interlocked guards are fitted, giving protection to the operator from noise and movement hazards. All machines meet current health and safety and ‘CE’ standards.

Automatic operation
The cut and wrap machines require minimal operator intervention – a sensor detects the presence of product in the infeed section of the machine, automatically activates the paper feeding mechanism and runs the machine up to the desired operating speed.

Reduced cleaning/maintenance times
The design of the guards makes it easy to access all internal and external areas of the machine, cutting the time required for routine cleaning and maintenance to a minimum.

The ‘750’ cut and wrap machines can handle a wide variety of confectionery products, such as hard candy, caramel and toffee, chewy sweets and bubble gum with the minimum of adjustments. Change-over parts can also be supplied if a change in


Wrapping Materials
Waxed paper, cellophane, PVC, suitable polypropylene or paper backed aluminium foil.


Reel Sizes
Standard core diameters of 57mm and 77mm. Other sizes available on application.
Maximum reel diameter 355mm.



    Up to 350 – 750 p/m depending on wrap style and product


Size Range


Double Twist:


Length: 16-84mm*

Width: 11-25mm

Thickness: 6-17mm

Diameter: 9.5 -17mm

* max Length for 755T is 38mm


Point/End Fold:


Length: 16-50mm

Width: 11-25mm

Thickness: 5-17mm




Diameters: 16-25mm

Length: 16-32mm

Width: 16-25mm

Thickness: 8-19mm




Length: 32-70mm

Width: 11-25mm

Thickness: 6-18mm


Long piece:


Length: 84-152mm

Width: 11-25mm

Diameter: 9.5-17mm

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