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Antiglare Diffusion Plate

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Brand DGO Optoelectronics
Material Others

Product Description

First, the diffusion plate glare ( UGR <19 )
  PS diffusion plate as the name suggests is to use the PS made of , PS Chinese called polystyrene , a petroleum chemical in a relatively low-level of transparent plastic brittle , English as GPPS ,, accounted for only 1.047 ~ 1.049, the diffusion plate is light by PMMA / PC / PS diffusion layer and the like of the substrate, the refractive index of dissimilarity meet its medium (diffusing particles) occurs when multi-angle, refraction, reflection and scattering of multi-directional phenomenon, so as to achieve a light diffusion effect to provide a uniform surface light source for the display lighting components.

Two, the PS diffusion plate Features
1, PS light diffusion plate gravity is 1.05 , the mass ratio of PC, PMMA and so light, greatly reducing the cost of transportation.
2, its light transmittance of 75% or more, with respect to its PC, PMMA and other relatively inexpensive and mass adoption.

three. Glare, glare value 20
1 , is suitable for direct type light source, LED lighting, such as downlights, grille, ceiling, panel lights, panel lights, high-grade aluminum lamp.
2 for a side light LED lighting, such as flat lights, advertising light boxes, professional film viewer, usually with the use of the light guide plate.

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