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Silk Composite Light Guide Plate

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Product Specification

Brand DGO Optoelectronics
Material Others

Product Description

I. Features
- Raw material: 100% PMMA import new material (Mitsubishi, CMO) production, optical grade (light transmittance> 92%) transparent acrylic sheet;
- a light guide Ink: imported from Japan;
- products meet the EU RoHS Directive 2002/95 / EC and It requires subsequent amendments;
- high-precision printing technology, self-designed light guide outlets;
- light guide performance: high brightness, excellent uniformity ratio.

Second, the way the light
- Unilateral, two pairs of sides, four sides, is multilateral, round into light, light into the other methods can be profiled.

Third, the light guide plate Caution
1. The proposed level of clean room at 100,000 or more removable light guide plate.
2. To store the light guide plate stacked horizontally, not long leaning or placed on an uneven surface;
3. Recommends clean the surface prior to assembly stains with electrostatic precipitator dust removal and IPA (isopropyl alcohol) to avoid black and white point;
4. the light guide plate into place to avoid all kinds of double-sided tape and glue;
5. install the light guide plate process, workers must wear powder-free latex gloves (to avoid stained hands sweat and fingerprints) and masks (to avoid the saliva injected into the light guide plate between the reflective sheet and the diffusion plate and);
6. product smudged available IPA (isopropyl alcohol) to clean up, make sure to clean up after a completely dry before assembly;
7. Unpacking assembled into products as soon as possible, to avoid dust tablets enter;
8. finished packaging use desiccant moisture-proof paper or other material to prevent moisture intrusion.

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